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I agree
Frank, I think this is just one more way to disenfranchise and limit the number of voters. It is also vengeance laced with stupidity.  It would be nice if other Dems (besides Jim Webb) would do the right thing.  

Not doing so is stupid because research shows recidivism is decreased when those convicted of crimes are eased back into full citizenship.  And so I think restoration should be automatic.  Fulfill the terms of the sentence and probation and rights should be restored, no questions. petitions, letters or forms required.

The number of crimes keeps expanding.  And the vengeance seekers keep limiting the potential for not just voting rights, but (worse) employment, etc.  No wonder there are more imprisoned in our country than anywhere else (and more disenfranchised as a result).  I am not minimizing the significance of the crime here, but it was a non-violent offense.  And as has been pointed out, even murderers have had voting rights restored.  

I strongly believe in redemption --and fairness.  Secret rules are just not acceptable.

And I am very disappointed in the governor.  It is time the Dems stop trying to out-do the pretend-war-on-crime warriors, whose real intent is not preventing crime, but rather feeding the "anti-crime" industry and manipulating other related issues--and votes.

"One person, one vote" died at the hands of SCOTUS, January 21, 2010

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