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Username: IsaacSmith
PersonId: 86
Created: Wed Apr 08, 2009 at 12:09:40 PM EDT
IsaacSmith's RSS Feed

Is Steve Shannon a Democrat?

by: IsaacSmith

Fri Jun 19, 2009 at 12:29:37 PM EDT

I tried to pick up a yard sign for Steve Shannon yesterday and was quite disturbed to see that no where on his sign did the word "Democratic" appear, and I opted not to take his party-less sign.  The Democratic party name is as strong as its ever been for quite a while, and I can't understand what Mr. Shannon could possibly be afraid of?

But my problems are greater than this omission alone.  It was the party that brought him to this dance, and at the very least, Shannon's identity with being a Democrat can only help other candidates running down ticket.  There can be no doubt that people are sick of the Republicans and their mismanagement of our state.  Steve needs to get over our party's past misperception that we are soft on crime and/or gun control.  He's clearly pro-gun, pro-religion, and most other GOP-favored policies.

If he can't be proud to represent our party, than others will undoubtedly not be proud to support him.  

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Anyone Who is "Just" not Anti-Union: That's all I Seek for Gov!

by: IsaacSmith

Fri May 15, 2009 at 11:32:21 AM EDT

I'm struggling to make up my mind on whom to support for Governor.  Last week a friend and member of IATSE told me that an IATSE Local was supporting Moran, and asked me what I though (I happen to be a Union lawyer).  I also see that the firefighters are behind McAuliffe, and I'm certain that Deeds has an endorsement or two from some Unions.  Still, I'm not sure if any of the candidates are publicly pro-labor, other than when it comes to accepting labor's dollar.

Yet, I am resigned to accepting any candidate who is at least not anti-labor.  I can tell you that none of the candidates are willing to support getting rid of Virginia's right-to-work law.  None are willing to permit state employees (other than first responders who are now covered under a recently enacted federal law) to collectively bargaining for better wages and working conditions.  And unfortunately, I'm not sure that any have taken a public position in support of the federal Employee Free-Choice Act.

So while I have not committed to any candidate, if anyone cares, here is my thought process:  Deeds is the most intreguing, if only because to a lesser extent, he had that unknown, Webb-like trait that he may be like a populist.  Whether intentional or not, Webb speaks to labor on a very visceral level.  Maybe Deeds will follow.  Moran has no demonstrated history of pitching in for labor's biggest needs and 9 times out of 10, he's a good friend of business (this is not bad, but I want some consistency), and he tends to conform his values based on his audience.  Sure he has supported extending our minimum wage law to the elderly, but heck, who really wants grandma getting exploited in her dying days as a greeter at Wal-Mart when she really ought to be relaxing?  McAuliffe, is a wild-card.  Of all the candidates, his involvement in National Democratic party means that he knows labor's issues and its strengths and weaknesses.  My question is whether he will abandon these lessons in a mistaken belief that Virginians are anti-Union (I really don't think that we are at the shop floor level, and it's only the powerful business interests that encourage the perception that the state is anti-Union).  

Nevertheless, at the end of the day, I will probably choose the candidate that I think will have the best shot at winning regardless of his stance on workers.  Oh well.  

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