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'All politics is personal'

by: teacherken

Tue Mar 23, 2010 at 16:56:54 PM EDT

Another Speaker, Tip O'Neill once said: 'All politics is local.'  And I say to you tonight that when it comes to health care for all Americans, 'All politics is personal.

So said Speaker Nancy Pelosi Sunday night.  And I agree.  It is, and it should be personal.

But it should not be personal in the way we saw with the kinds of attacks and slurs that were part of the actions of Tea Party members and their supporters among Republicans in Congress.

I take these slurs and attacks personally.  So should you.

While I may be a generous and understanding person on differences of personal belief, my generosity does not extend to when you demean and attack those about whom I care.

So let me tell you why this is personal to me, the health care and the slurs.

There's More... :: (12 Comments, 2040 words in story)

Religion, rigidity, and women - thoughts after reading Kristof

by: teacherken

Sun Jan 10, 2010 at 08:56:52 AM EST

cross-posted from Daily Kos

Religions derive their power and popularity in part from the ethical compass they offer. So why do so many faiths help perpetuate something that most of us regard as profoundly unethical: the oppression of women?
  So begin Nicholas Kristof today, in an op ed titled Religion and Women.  He is writing in part in response to an endeavor of The Elders, which describes itself as
an independent group of eminent global leaders, brought together by Nelson Mandela, who offer their collective influence and experience to support peace building, help address major causes of human suffering and promote the shared interests of humanity.
 Kristof quotes what several  - Jimmy Carter, Desmond Tutu, and Mary Robinson - of the Elders have to say about religion.   While I will explore the column a bit, my focus will be somewhat different, thus you may want to read Kristof before continuing.
There's More... :: (3 Comments, 1864 words in story)

GOP Candidate Boasts of Political Espionage

by: Teddy Goodson

Mon Oct 26, 2009 at 23:49:49 PM EDT

UPDATE at end of article
Delegate Todd Gilbert (R., Woodstock, 15th District) sounded as though he's in the running for WTOP's "stupidest criminal" (also called "knucklehead of the week") award when he boasted on Facebook that he stole a copy of a soon-to-be-mailed negative campaign piece his Democratic opponent John Lesinski had just prepared---- he even proudly displayed a copy of the mailer on his own wall, boasting:
My opponent is dropping a negative mail piece in the mail in the morning...No need to worry about how we got a picture of it in advance

Mr. Gilbert had his comment and the photo up before the mailer was delivered by the US Postal Service to a single house, but, significantly, after the piece had been printed and delivered to the mailing house to be addressed. The mail house prepares mail for other Democrats besides Lesinski, and party officials are naturally concerned that Democrats' microtargeting lists may also have been compromised.

How serious is such a breach of a political party's special mailing lists?  Very serious, according to Professor Matt Hindman, who teaches information technology and politics at Arizona State University,

In the modern day and age, the microtarging list is probably the most sensitive campaign document. If they cross reference with their own list, they'll know a lot about who the campaign is contacting. This list is a powerful window into campaign strategy.
There's More... :: (2 Comments, 887 words in story)

"... just by the power of his ethics" - Obama as a teacher

by: teacherken

Fri Sep 18, 2009 at 17:46:59 PM EDT

( - promoted by KathyinBlacksburg)

originally posted at Daily Kos

Ellen Goodman begins a column with the title Clinging to civility by observing that for her the real Obama moment of the summer was not one of the normally mentioned speeches, but rather his answer to the 9th grader at Wakefield High School here in Arlington where I live who had asked with whom, living or dead, he would want to have dinner, and the President answered that it was Gandhi.  She quotes some words from the President:  

"It would probably be a really small meal because he didn't eat a lot,'' he added with humor. But the icon of nonviolent leadership was his inspiration because "he ended up doing so much and changing the world just by the power of his ethics.''

As I read those words again this morning, I found myself thinking more of Obama as a different kind of politician, someone who functions as a teacher.  And I was reminded of some words I recently wrote.

Let me attempt to explain all of this, starting with Goodman.

There's More... :: (1 Comments, 2082 words in story)
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