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Creigh Deeds

Shad Plank's Political Bloopers of the Decade

by: Elaine in Roanoke

Sat Jan 02, 2010 at 12:01:53 PM EST

The Shad Plank's Kimble Payne in the Daily Press has put out a list of "Political Bloopers of the Decade." I enjoyed his list so much that I decided to comment on each of his choices. Starting with the most egregious blooper and moving down the list to the simply silly, Payne has given us something worthy of a laugh or two.

1. "Macaca": Who would have thought that an incumbent U.S. senator (George Allen-R) would cause his own downfall by using a derogatory racial term for the Indian-descent tracker of his opponent, Jim Webb. The young man in question is an American citizen and was at the time a student at the University of Virginia. In the process, Allen taught all of us a North African racist slur used for dark-skinned people. Allen's claim that he didn't even know the meaning of the word just didn't ring true since his mother was born and raised in North Africa.

I would have added his other big "blooper," the one that occurred when Allen first denied, then finally admitted, that his mother was raised Jewish. Allen, in his own foot-in-mouth way, then felt compelled to tell the reporter questioning him that his mother made a great ham sandwich, in spite of her background. That shoe leather must taste good to Allen, huh?

Well, he never had the Jewish vote or the Black vote, anyway. I also feel compelled to point out that, since his mother is Jewish, he, too, is considered Jewish, ham sandwiches and all.

Here is my commentary on the rest of Payne's list:

There's More... :: (5 Comments, 1175 words in story)

What a Hangover!

by: Elaine in Roanoke

Wed Nov 04, 2009 at 08:38:15 AM EST

( - promoted by kindler)

I guess this was bound to happen. After the euphoria of November 2008, I was foolish enough to think that the GOP right-wing had been put in its place for a while. Nope, at least not in the Old Dominion.

While the corporate media will portray the results of Tuesday's few elections as some sort of referendum on President Obama, the idea is ridiculous on the face of it. Tip O'Neill was right. "All politics is local."

In New Jersey the issue driving the election was the highest property taxes in the nation. (Plus, the Republican Christie is a moderate prosecutor who had convicted 130 people of corruption in a state that periodically has to crack down on crooked politicians.)

In New York's 23rd District, the election in a mainly Republican district was a fight between moderates and the far-right of the GOP, with the Democrat being the beneficiary. In Virginia, the election returns were caused by a weak candidate who ran a very bad campaign.

However, one terrible result, I fear, of the debacle that was the Creigh Deeds campaign - besides dooming some fabulous House of Delegates candidates to losing - is that the western half of the state won't see a statewide candidate from its environs any time in the future.

For the past couple of months I have felt that we Democrats were doomed to have Creigh Deeds as our gubernatorial candidate, no matter who else might have wanted the nomination, just as the Republicans were doomed to have Jerry Kilgore carry their gubernatorial banner four years ago. (Sadly, Creigh Deeds could not even get as many votes as Kilgore did.)

There is truth to the belief that many times political parties pay back their stalwarts, even when they don't stand a prayer of winning an election. Some people have said that if we Dems had picked our nominee at a convention instead of holding a primary, perhaps some other candidate would have emerged victorious. I beg to differ. Creigh would have won at any convention of party faithful, convincingly.

So, we have seen two rural candidates in consecutive elections - one a Democrat and one a Republican - lose resoundingly in the last two races to win the governor's mansion. The lesson from those results won't be lost on either party. Don't look for rural Virginia ever to provide another candidate for statewide office. That's not good news for those of us who live there.

Now, why did Deeds lose so badly? It hurts to think about it, but it's a painful necessity. But, where to start?  

There's More... :: (17 Comments, 816 words in story)

The Rally at the Falls Church Combined Campaign Hdqtrs

by: teacherken

Fri Oct 30, 2009 at 17:16:17 PM EDT

This afternoon I attended the rally at the Hdqtrs of the Combined Campaign on S. Washington in Falls Church.  Besides the three statewides and various candidates on the ballot for local office and House of Delegates, we were graced with the presence of Rep. Gerry Connolly of the 11th US House District and our senior US Senator Jim Webb.  Many local political activists were also present, and as is usually the case at such events, regardless of the polling data, there was real enthusiasm.  

It is worth noting that local Delegate Jim Scott reminded people that he won his first race by 1 vote, so that every vote matters, never to forget that.

We also heard of hte half million additional voters turned out as Democrats since the last gubernatorial race, and how turning a chunk of them out can make a difference.

Let me offer a brief review of some other remarks, and some observations, admittedly from one person, with all the biases I may bring to the picture.

There's More... :: (6 Comments, 709 words in story)

Creigh Deeds for Governor

by: KathyinBlacksburg

Thu Oct 29, 2009 at 14:07:34 PM EDT

I have reported President Obama's words about why to support Creigh Deeds.  So much is at stake.  In Virginia and the nation, we stand poised to move forward.  This is after eight years of abject neglect and/or mismanagement by the Bush administration.  They took their wrecking ball to just about everything that mattered.  Poor stewardship of our country and its resources by the Bush administration has brought us to the brink of economic collapse.  We are fortunate to have a candidate, one candidate, who can continue the path to progress. He's also a good man.

Earlier, I wrote

Creigh's knowledgeable without pretense, experienced without arrogance, humble but confident; and idealistic but practical.  His passion for making a difference, the earnestness of his message, and the energy he brings may just reel you in...

On the day after the June primary, when Creigh Deeds went to Richmond, as our nominee, I wrote this:

There's More... :: (1 Comments, 1683 words in story)

The Truth About Bob McDonnell's Attack Ads (Nothing New Under the Sun)

by: KathyinBlacksburg

Wed Oct 28, 2009 at 11:52:10 AM EDT

Bob McDonnell's ads continue to deceive voters about Creigh Deeds' record.  As just one example, Washington Post's Derek Kravitz explains that Deeds' ads are based on two false assumptions:

First , there is the false assumption that Deeds would support a 20-cents-a-gallon state gas tax increase to raise the 1 billion Deeds said is needed for road and transit improvements.  Anyone who has listened to Creigh would know he's never said that he'd raise the gas-tax. Bob McDonnell's plan would steal the money from education funding and privatize our roadways.  But it sounds so much better to say: public-private partnerships.  In other words give away our roads, built with our tax dollars. To distract voters from that, he lies about Creigh. McDonnell's transportation plan is an empty vessel, full of cliches and ideas which either haven't worked, or were even unconstitutional.  (I thought the AG at the time was supposed to know what's constitutional!)

The second false assumption is Creigh "support" of cap-and-trade.  He does not support it.  Indeed, this is so false that Creigh's refusal to support cap-and-trade has run him afoul of some liberals and progressives. Still, McDonnell persists in the lie.  In this post-fact world, Republican candidates just make stuff up.

There's More... :: (2 Comments, 322 words in story)

Elect Creigh Deeds Governor: The Words of President Obama

by: KathyinBlacksburg

Tue Oct 27, 2009 at 16:06:12 PM EDT

(Update 2: Had to add this great photo.)

(Update: I've added the President's Remarks at the Deeds rally at ODU.  They make a strong case for supporting Creigh Deeds our next governor.)

NORFOLK, Va. - Remarks of President Barack Obama at the rally for Democratic candidate Creigh Deeds:

Old Dominion University
October 27, 2009

Hello, Virginia! It is good to be back in Norfolk and it is good to be back in Virginia, a place that has been so good to me. And I'm proud to stand up here with two Virginia leaders; two men who wake up every day thinking about your future; your family's future; and the future of this commonwealth - your Governor, Tim Kaine, and your next Governor, Creigh Deeds.

Now, one of the things I like so much about Virginia is that you've got a good pattern emerging here. And it began with Mark Warner, who is doing an extraordinary job as your senator. Eight years ago, he recognized that the old tired politics of division weren't serving the American people or the people of Virginia very well. He saw an awful lot of arguing going on, but not a whole lot of doing. So he thought, you know what, let's try something different. Let's run a campaign that proves that we're all in this together - that there is not a northern Virginia, or a southern Virginia, or a coastal Virginia; there is one commonwealth of Virginia.

And he governed in a way that wasn't ideological, but pragmatic. He focused on what works, and he made it work not by pushing people apart, but by bringing them together. He shaped a better kind of politics here in the commonwealth, and made the long-term investments necessary to make Virginia competitive in the global economy and to chart a course to growth and success.

There's More... :: (8 Comments, 2902 words in story)

A Few Reasons to Get Out and FIGHT for the Democrats

by: kindler

Sun Oct 25, 2009 at 18:30:04 PM EDT

 1)  These are not your father's Republicans.  I remember the days when there used to be actual moderate Republicans, back before that species reached near-extinction.  Pay attention to what's happening in upstate New York right now, where the full force of the Tea Bagger movement, along with Sarah Palin, Dick Armey, Michelle Bachman, etc. are all abandoning the Republican US House nominee, Dede Scozzafava, in favor of a third-party conservative - because Ms. Scozzafava is allegedly too moderate.

Are any conservatives anywhere fighting against Bob McDonnell being elected?  Of course not!  Because every conservative on earth knows that McDonnell's moderate disguise is just that, a ruse to get him elected.    

McDonnell-Bolling-Cuccinelli would be the most regressive, right-wing administration in Virginia since the days of Massive Resistance.  Don't fool yourself, as we fooled ourselves when George W. Bush was running for president as an alleged centrist, that they can't really do that much damage or get away with much of what they want to do.  

The consequences of their election - particularly if the House stays under GOP control - would be severe for the state of health care, education, transportation and the environment in Virginia, for the safety and health of women who seek to terminate a pregnancy, for the environmental health of the Virginia coastline, for the rights of workers, for the civil rights of gays and others, for every cause for which we seek to finally move our state forward after seeing it lag behind for so many years. These are the Republicans of the Tea Bag Era we're talking about here, for whom government is the enemy, climate change is a myth, the market is always right, and workers are always wrong.  If we let them get into office, we will be paying the price for years to come.

There's More... :: (7 Comments, 406 words in story)

Virginian Pilot endorses Deeds W/UPDATE at end

by: teacherken

Sun Oct 25, 2009 at 08:02:57 AM EDT

It is not a strong endorsement for Deeds, but it is highly critical of McDonnell.  As the editorial notes, after describing the campaign as "a season of equivocation and insipidity,"
An effusive endorsement would ring false in the final hours of what has been a profoundly frustrating contest of banalities. Neither candidate has made a convincing case on the merits of his ideas or the strength of his leadership. The choice instead rests on which one will do the least violence to the cause each claims to embrace.

By this measure, Creigh Deeds ekes out a modest advantage over his opponent. He offers a political strategy rather than a substantive plan for solving the state's most overwhelming challenge. While that strategy does not provide transportation advocates the leadership they crave, the Democrat at least allows them a fighting chance to press forward.

In contrast, Bob McDonnell's plan is a chain-link fence of stall tactics designed to distract voters into believing that progress is being made while not providing the money to actually make it. Under a Gov. McDonnell, transportation advocates would waste four years clawing their way over, under and around barriers erected by the state's top elected official.

There's More... :: (7 Comments, 645 words in story)

Roanoke Times gives Deeds a strong endorsement

by: teacherken

Sun Oct 25, 2009 at 00:11:39 AM EDT

the subtitle to their endorsement reads
The longtime senator is the candidate for governor who is serious about the most pressing issue facing Virginia: transportation.

They begin by calling McDonnell "more articulate and slick" but say if the question is who would better govern, the clear answer is Creigh Deeds.  And, like the Washington Post, they are quite dismissive of Bob's "plan" for transportation:

His plan, as detailed as it may be, is a farce. It is a compendium of rejected ideas, supplemented by revenue from sources unlikely to pan out, topped off with money stolen from an already inadequate general fund.

His plan would not work and would guarantee that Virginia will do nothing to make up for a widening gulf between transportation needs and available resources.

There's More... :: (0 Comments, 257 words in story)

Farmville Herald endorses Deeds

by: teacherken

Fri Oct 23, 2009 at 20:33:51 PM EDT

( - promoted by teacherken)

in a piece entitled "Deeds Demonstrates The Quality Of True Leadership For Va.".   I cannot provide a permanent link, but for now you can read the entire piece here

One needs to remember that this is the heart of the territory of massive resistance, Prince Edward County.  After calling both candidates qualified, the editorial concludes its first paragraph like this:

One seems better qualified, however, by his willingness to risk losing the race by saying a very unpopular thing-that he would consider implementing a gasoline tax dedicated to solving Virginia's transportation crisis if doing so is recommended by a bipartisan commission.
There's More... :: (4 Comments, 551 words in story)

Why I still strongly support Creigh Deeds

by: teacherken

Thu Oct 22, 2009 at 20:00:43 PM EDT

Many are upset with what Deeds said about the public option during the debate with McDonnell.  Some have gone so far as to advocate not voting for him.  Others have chosen to use this occasion to criticize him on a host of issues.  Here I note that some - not all - of those making the harshest remarks were not supporters of Deeds in the primary.  One is someone who challenged me in May on my endorsement of Deeds, and has challenged me since on how I can continue to support him.

In this post, originally put at at Blue Commonwealth and also cross-posted at Daily Kos, I will explain why I still support him, and why I think the reaction on the public option is overblown.

I know some will strongly disagree.  And others will say that it does not matter, because he can no longer win.  I will attempt to address that as well.

There's More... :: (12 Comments, 2248 words in story)

Creigh Deeds on the Radio

by: vabreeze

Thu Oct 22, 2009 at 13:44:19 PM EDT

( - promoted by KathyinBlacksburg)

Today, Creigh Deeds did a great job on a radio show in Hampton Roads. It is worth listening if only to hear him qualify his comments on the public option.

I thought he came off well- sounds like a real person :) -
(not a robot-candidate like Bob)

Here is the link and then click on the "On Demand" button for a replay of today's show.

If you do take the time to listen, please post your thoughts.

Discuss :: (4 Comments)

BREAKING: President Obama and Creigh Deeds To Appear At Old Dominion

by: KathyinBlacksburg

Wed Oct 21, 2009 at 13:31:29 PM EDT


ALEXANDRIA - President Barack Obama will join Democratic nominee for governor Creigh Deeds for a "Rally for Virginia" on Tuesday, October 27th at Old Dominion University. Further details will be announced in the coming days.

Where:            Old Dominion University
                      Ted Constant Convocation Center
                      4320 Hampton Blvd
                      Norfolk, VA

Discuss :: (0 Comments)

Washington Post: Mr. Deeds for Governor

by: teacherken

Sat Oct 17, 2009 at 19:51:58 PM EDT

the subtitle of the endorsement reads His transportation realism and Mr. McDonnell's bogus roads plan present Virginians with a stark choice on Nov. 3.

This is one week earlier than the Post endorsement the past two gubernatorial cycles.  It will be interesting to see its impact.

In the meantime, join me below for highlights of the piece, which concludes

Mr. Deeds, lagging in the polls, lacks Mr. McDonnell's knack for crisp articulation. But if he has not always been the most adroit advocate for astute policies, that is preferable to Mr. McDonnell's silver-tongued embrace of ideas that would mire Virginia in a traffic-clogged, backward-looking past. Virginians should not confuse Mr. McDonnell's adept oratory for wisdom, nor Mr. Deeds's plain speech for indirection. In fact, it is Mr. Deeds whose ideas hold the promise of a prosperous future.
There's More... :: (8 Comments, 399 words in story)

Obama to Campaign for Deeds in Virginia

by: Teddy Goodson

Fri Oct 16, 2009 at 19:37:30 PM EDT

The Deeds campaign has confirmed that President Obama will return to Virginia to campaign for Deeds on Tuesday, 27 October.  This should "put to rest" rumors that the President was distancing himself from Deeds, and should inspire the Democratic core constituency including African Americans just before the election.  Details will follow http://voices.washingtonpost.c...
Discuss :: (19 Comments)

Human Rights Campaign endorses Creigh Deeds

by: teacherken

Fri Oct 16, 2009 at 07:56:57 AM EDT

( - promoted by teacherken)

Yesterday the Human Rights Campaign, one of the key gay rights organizations, endorsed Creigh Deeds for governor.  Given that Bob McDonnell has said he would revoke Tim Kaine's executive order (which McDonnell has improperly called unconstitutional) directing executive branch agencies not to use sexual orientation as barrier to employment, perhaps one should not be surprised by this endorsement.  Still, it is worth remembering that during the primary some criticized Deeds for some of his actions with respect to the marriage amendment in 2006.  Creigh has said that on this topic he is a work in progress.

Full text of the endorsement below the fold.

There's More... :: (0 Comments, 306 words in story)

Deeds Campaign Hosts Women-to-Women Phone Banks Tonight

by: KathyinBlacksburg

Thu Oct 15, 2009 at 11:32:19 AM EDT

The Deeds campaign announced statewide "Women to Women" phone banks across the Commonwealth today. Pam Deeds, wife of Creigh Deeds, will join the effort in Roanoke while Virginia's First Lady, Anne Holton, joins the phone bankers in Prince William County.  

Women throughout Virginia will share with other women voters how important this election is for those caring about jobs; equal pay; and investing in critical services such as child care, health care and education.

Details about the phone banks is below the fold.

There's More... :: (0 Comments, 188 words in story)

Another Creigh Deeds Ad

by: KathyinBlacksburg

Tue Oct 13, 2009 at 17:18:18 PM EDT

Discuss :: (13 Comments)

Another Creigh Deeds Ad

by: KathyinBlacksburg

Tue Oct 13, 2009 at 17:17:36 PM EDT

Discuss :: (0 Comments)

Would McAuliffe Have Been a Stronger Candidate? Maybe, Maybe Not

by: Elaine in Roanoke

Tue Oct 13, 2009 at 10:51:10 AM EDT

The New York Times today has a story that discusses whether Democrats in Virginia are now having "buyers remorse" because Creigh Deeds handily won the June primary for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination, not Terry McAuliffe.

While I firmly believe that such musings - if applicable - should happen in the post-election period, since the Times has devoted much space to the question and since it is being picked up on the Internet (i.e., Not Larry Sabato), here are my thoughts - all the while hoping that Creigh Deeds will turn this thing around in the next three weeks.

When Sen. Deeds defeated Terry McAuliffe, former Democratic Party chairman and confidante of Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton, to be the Democratic nominee for governor of Virginia, the argument among many Democrats was that Deeds, a centrist Democrat from rural Virginia, would be the strongest of the three primary candidates in a general election.

Now, some - like Adam Nagourney of the Times - are questioning that assumption. His questioning itself, however, needs a hard look.

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