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Campaign Strategy

Training Tuesday with the DFA: Fun Budget Tips

by: SumofChange

Tue Dec 08, 2009 at 18:01:31 PM EST

originally posted by Will Urquhart at Sum of Change

Last week, we covered the basics of managing and organizing a campaign budget. If you know little-to-nothing about campaign finance but would like to, or if you are just about to start putting together the budget for a campaign, you should definitely check out last week's Training Tuesday. Today is not for the basics. Instead, we are using this Training Tuesday to share with you four very important tips that will help you out along the way:

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Training Tuesday with the DFA: The Big Scary Budget

by: SumofChange

Tue Dec 01, 2009 at 18:33:47 PM EST

Originally posted by Will Urquhart (Rusty5329) at Sum of Change. Please check out the new comment widget from Ameritocracy that we just recently installed at the bottom of every page at Sum of Change

Every political campaign and organization must spend money to maintain serious levels of activity. Increasingly, campaigns must raise significant amounts of money to become and remain competitive. Although we can protest the growing costs of campaigning, the reality for any campaign is that without these funds, there can be no staff, no office, no phones, no computers, no signs, no media coverage - no campaign.
-From the Democracy for America Campaign Academy Training Manual
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Training Tuesday with the DFA: Email 2.0

by: SumofChange

Tue Nov 17, 2009 at 17:44:45 PM EST

originally posted by Will Urquhart at Sum of Change

Thanks go out to janefordean for pointing out that today is Howard Dean's birthday! Happy birthday Howard Dean!

No, I don't have some magical new email program for you, but I do have round two of our coverage from the Democracy for America Campaign Academy training on 'The Art of Email Engagement.' Last week we went over the Do's and Don'ts of emails, today we bring you 4 examples of good emails.

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WTF, or, If Moran Had It So Wrong, Why Is Deeds Following the Same Playbook?

by: Catzmaw

Sat Oct 03, 2009 at 14:51:20 PM EDT

A few months ago after my candidate Brian Moran lost the primary I agreed to wholeheartedly support Creigh's candidacy.  Well, things happened and I have been distracted from that intention with pressing family obligations, but I retain a reputation among my friends and relatives as an opinionated busybody who thinks reading position papers and watching C-Span is jolly good fun.

Today, one of those confused friends turned to me for guidance in the Governor's race.  Here is what he wrote:  

Sorry to have to ask, but I bet you have an answer.

Does either of these pathetic losers even HAVE a platform? Judging from the ads, the only reason to vote for either of them is that the other one is so awful. Not one single word from either about what they'd do in office.

I'm considering voting for "none of the above," or for Pigasus. Or writing in "[my son's name]" ... at least he has some positive ideas...

Now, this was an interesting question, because the fact is that I HAVEN'T been paying that much attention.  No time.  But I've noticed what my friend noticed, which is that I'm really not hearing that much from the Deeds campaign that would make me - a likely voter with strongly Democratic leanings - want to vote for Creigh Deeds.  My answer is on the flip.

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