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War in Iraq

The Evil that Men Do Lives On: The Death of a Belatedly Apologetic Robert McNamara

by: KathyinBlacksburg

Tue Jul 07, 2009 at 12:56:16 PM EDT

(the death of McNamara is being buried by other news, especially the coverage of the Michael Jackson memorial and the implosion of Palin.  And yet, we really need to pay more attention.  McNamara's insistence upon quantifying everything led to inflated body counts.  And an unnecessary extension of the violence in Vietnam, without which it is probably Cambodia would not also have been destabilized, because Nixon would have had no reason to invade. - promoted by teacherken)

Better late than never. Robert McNamara left this earth having apologized for one of the gravest mistakes our country has ever made.  We sent our fathers, brothers, uncles, friends off to war-to the distant Vietnam.  And most Americans trusted they were going for good reason.  Way too late, McNamara, the Sec. of Defense and architect of the escalation of that war, admits he and his fellows in the Johnson administration were wrong.

We have spent much of the recent years criticizing George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld for their war based upon deception. On the occasion of the passing of Robert McNamara, we should also consider wrongs at the hands of Democrats such as he. Robert McNamara sent recent years trying to teach us the lessons of history.  I agree with him on one thing, that we must work to assure the mistakes of Vietnam never happen again.  But he seems to cloak his errors in "good intentions."  I question how good they were.  He had to know the Gulf of Tonkin "event," basis for the escalation, for the war was a fraud.

The mistakes of that war are seen through different prisms, depending on your political leanings.  Some think we didn't go far enough.  They will no doubt dislike what I have to say.  I believe we went way too far, burning villages, destroying a countryside in a far away land, based on faulty assumptions, knee-jerk hysteria, AND a lie by a president concerning the Gulf of Tonkin.    

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