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McAuliffe Goes Off On Deeds and Guns

by: The Donkey

Sun Jun 07, 2009 at 23:00:42 PM EDT

(the author is a gun rights advocate and a lawyer.   He is also a Deeds supporter.  Nevertheless his analysis deserves broader viewing, and hence the front page - promoted by teacherken)

Propaganda volleys by the McAuliffe campaign show how deep that outfit is willing to dig to gain some footing against Deeds' surge in the polls. Here is the latest blip from McAuliffe on the BS radar:

"In the final hours before the election, we need to be on the lookout for misleading robocalls.  We've gotten word that Creigh Deeds is running an attack call accusing Terry McAuliffe and Brian Moran of "lying.""

"Deeds is claiming that his record on guns is in lockstep with Democratic leaders like Mark Warner.  The Washington Post points out that's just not true.  Both Mark Warner and Tim Kaine say that guns and alcohol do not mix.  But in the past two years, Creigh Deeds voted six different times to allow concealed weapons into bars.  He even voted to override Governor Kaine's veto of that bill - twice."

Trouble is, in Virginia, it is already legal to carry in bars: but the weapons must be carried openly rather than being concealed. That means that folks with concealed carry permits must doff their coats and bare their firearms wherever liquor is served.

Deeds votes simply would have allowed these CC permit holders to keep their coats on in bars and restaurants, an option that seems both public spirited and safety conscious. Nobody argues that people carrying sidearms - openly or concealed - should be allowed to drink: and the legislation does not allow this. McAuliffe's argument that Deeds voted to mix guns and alcohol falls flat.

The remainder of McAuliffe's e-mail seems particularly apt. To rephrase:

"The sad truth about the kind of" BS the McAuliffe "campaign is pushing is it can work - unless it's thoroughly and unambiguously debunked. That's where you come in. . . ."

"Elections are wonderful things - it's democracy in action.  But in order for our democratic process to be effective, voters need to know the facts - and we can't allow candidates to make them up as they go."

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Who will make a difference?

by: alankrishnan

Fri Jun 05, 2009 at 17:38:40 PM EDT

Cross Posted:

The National Public Radio in Washington DC today featured the three Virginia Democratic candidates for Governor.  McAuliffe was driving in heavy rain and for a part of the call, phone reception was poor.  Deeds did an incredible and confident presentation, perhaps he was present in the studio?  Moran was at a fundraiser and did not take the call as scheduled, his campaign manager started the call and about 5 minutes later Moran made a separate call from his phone in Alexandria.

Strangely, only Deeds had questions from the listeners, both McAuliffe and Moran had questions only from the panelists on the show.

The show was positive and showed every one in fair light.

There's More... :: (4 Comments, 1375 words in story)

BREAKING: Game Changer in the Works?

by: KathyinBlacksburg

Tue Jun 02, 2009 at 12:45:34 PM EDT

( - promoted by kindler)

[Disclaimer: I am a McAuliffe supporter.]

Are candidate trends on the move?  That's the suggestion of at least one new poll.  With one week to go, Creigh Deeds has taken a slim lead in the democratic primary, according to a new PPP poll out today.  I'll report on that in a moment.

This caps a second day of good news from the Deeds campaign.  Yesterday, the Deeds campaign touted new financials, which showed the campaign has 96% in-state donors and $521,000 in the bank for the final push. Yesterday, Deeds also reported:

According to the Virginian Pilot, "Deeds has the best favorability ratings among the three candidates, possessing both the highest positive and lowest negative ranking and "a recent SurveyUSA poll shows that 'Deeds is the only candidate with momentum'." [Virginian Pilot 5/26/09]

Here's what the Deeds campaign reported on the PPP today:

There's More... :: (14 Comments, 224 words in story)

Primary Endorsements

by: Jen Little

Mon Jun 01, 2009 at 12:23:10 PM EDT

(For those who don't know her, Jen Little was a member of the Sorensen Institute's Political Leaders Program Cohort of 2007.  While in the program she demonstrated her leadership by getting elected to the Mathews County School Board.  Her endorsement - of a candidate I note I am not supporting - is for sufficiently different reasons that I think it worthy of higher visibility, and being therefore put out on our Twitter feed. - promoted by teacherken)

When you glance at this diary, you may want to skim, and figure out the relation to politics in Virginia or what pressing issue will be disclosed, and for that, I am sorry to disappoint you.

The fact is, lately I have been thinking about primary endorsements, and some of the things I have been experiencing since my personal endorsement of Terry McAuliffe.

There's More... :: (25 Comments, 1815 words in story)

Deeds Campaign Gets Defensive/Aggressive: And Reveals Something About Itself

by: KathyinBlacksburg

Fri May 15, 2009 at 14:40:50 PM EDT

[Note: KathyinBlacksburg is a TerryMcAuliffe supporter, who likes Creigh Deeds a great deal.]


The overall capable and energetic Deeds campaign staffers have done a very good job in the campaign so far.  However, the campaign's apparently creating controversy where there is none.  In so doing, it has created a problem of its own.  And you have to wonder whether they shouldn't have just staked out the record and let that be that.  Instead, in its railing against McAuliffe about payday lending and falsely claiming that
McAuliffe "attacked" Democrats Warner and Kaine, the Deeds campaign revealed its own shortcomings.  First, a little history...

This appeared in the Virginia Pilot in the fall of 1999 (11/17/1999).

The battle over whether triple-digit ``payday'' loans should be more available in Virginia will resurface in the General Assembly next January, the state's banking commissioner and consumer advocates predicted Tuesday.

But the influence of federal banking regulations have made it more difficult for Virginia and other states to curb questionable lending practices, including these high-interest loans to cash-strapped consumers, said Joe Face...

There's More... :: (4 Comments, 1590 words in story)

A Night with of the Black Eyed Peas

by: alankrishnan

Tue May 12, 2009 at 00:44:18 AM EDT

Cross Posted in Daily Kos

11:00 PM, Monday May 11, 2009. Amazing coincidence - 11-11-11-11! The hour is 11, 11 alphabets, date is 11 and the sum of the year is 11! What a magical experience, attending a concert by at the Clarendon Ballroom in Arlington Virginia.  The crowd was electric, mostly in their 20's and 30's but a fair sprinkling of 40's and 50's as well.  While the crowd waited for the star, a DJ kept spirits high by playing music with a beat that kept most tapping their feet.  Not sure what the capacity of the ballroom is, but it was pretty full and when I left at about 11:00, there was no letting down on the music or enthusiasm.

There's More... :: (5 Comments, 613 words in story)

My Two Cents: Democratic Candidates for Governor-Blacksburg "Debate" Post Mortem

by: KathyinBlacksburg

Thu Apr 30, 2009 at 16:21:35 PM EDT

(a perspective from someone in the hall.  My perspective was only via video feed. - promoted by teacherken)

[Disclaimer: I came to the debate planning to vote for McAuliffe, but without strong feelings about this race.  I keep looking for things to like about the others, though.  I wanted to appreciate all of them.   Any one of them could be our next governor.  And any of them would be preferable to Bob McDonnell.  Unfortunately, I left feeling disappointed.]

When The Collegiate Times, Huffington Post, Firedog Lake and Not Larry Sabato, teamed up to host the gubernatorial debate last night, there were not likely any winners among the Democratic candidate's for governor.  But the format brought some good questions to the debate stage.  As usual, this wasn't so much as a debate, but rather a question-and-answer session.

The candidates started out strong, with Moran and McAuliffe stronger than Deeds, I thought.  All three have strong leadership cred: Creigh and Brian in their leading the Democratic Caucus, Terry in his DNC leadership.  But as the event continued, I was surprised that no one candidate stood out overall.  Furthermore, I was  surprised that none achieved the kind of performance I'd expected of the candidates for governor, and which each of them had given on previous occasions.  Then, too, any of the three exceeds Bob McDonnell.  The candidates made clear why tax cuts; rejection of the portion of the stimulus, which would have assisted the unemployed; and the mere utterance of the word "No" will not move Virginia forward.  On the substance, unfortunately, as is often the case, the contenders danced around the edges on a number of questions.  They stayed close to script, Brian so much so that he wanted to keep referring to notes even when it damaged his case to do so.  

There's More... :: (11 Comments, 1479 words in story)

Brian Moran: Long Fighting to Protect our Coasts

by: Eileen

Mon Apr 27, 2009 at 08:00:41 AM EDT

bmoffshoreIn May 2007, Brian Moran held a press conference on the oceanfront in Virginia Beach to announce his opposition to drilling for oil and gas off Virginia's coast as included in the Federal 2007-2012 Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Oil and Gas Leasing Program announced by the Department of the Interior's Mineral Management Services (MMS) on April 30. He was joined by Mike Town, Virginia chapter director of the Sierra Club, Virginia Beach Mayor Meyera Oberndorff, and former Virginia Beach council member and DEQ director (and now House of Delegates candidate) Peter Schmidt.  This press conference was held prior to a 60-day public comment period that concluded on July 1, 2007. "Great stuff, every Democrat should oppose drilling off Virginia's coast", wrote Lowell at Raising Kaine.  "In fact, EVERYONE should oppose this cockamamie idea".

Virginia's enrollment in the Federal 2007-2012 OCS program started in February 2005 when the Virginia General Assembly passed Sen. Frank Wagner's SB1054 calling for offshore natural gas exploration and urging lifting of the Congressional ban on OCS development.  It passed 37-0 by the Senate (Deeds voting in favor) and passed 54-43 by the House (Moran voting against).  But despite Governor Warner's veto of SB1054 in April 2005, it was still communicated to MMS that Virginia somehow supported offshore drilling in August 2005 and in early February 2006 it was announced that Virginia - alone on the entire Atlantic coast - had been enrolled in the proposed 5-Year Plan for OCS Oil and Gas Leasing Program.

There's More... :: (0 Comments, 980 words in story)

Care of Challenged Children and Adults

by: alankrishnan

Sat Apr 25, 2009 at 20:48:32 PM EDT

( - promoted by KathyinBlacksburg)

Cross posted in Daily Kos - Please go see the comments

Over the last few weeks, I have learned of many challenges in life I never imagined existed.  This is unexpected learning resulting from making phone calls to Virginia voters, reminding them that there is a Democratic Primary Election on June 9th. Of course once I actually get to speak with a person, (which varies from 20% to 40% depending on the time of day, demographics of people I am calling, and just plain darn luck)I encourage them to vote for Terry McAuliffe, and if they are not already strong supporters, I explain why I support McAuliffe and why he is the best qualified candidate to be the next Governor of Virginia.

There's More... :: (4 Comments, 988 words in story)

Bill Clinton and Terry McAuliffe fo Rally in Richmond and Roanoke

by: KathyinBlacksburg

Fri Apr 24, 2009 at 11:05:03 AM EDT

Former President Bill Clinton will rally with Terry McAuliffe, Democratic candidate for governor, in Richmond and Roanoke on Monday. If you'd like to attend the rally with McAuliffe and the former president, here's what you need to know:

• Richmond Farmers' Market
17th and Franklin Sts.
Richmond, VA 23219
Time: 9:30 AM.

• Roanoke Fire Station # 1
13 East Church Avenue, SE
Roanoke VA 24011
Time: 12:15 PM

This will be a great opportunity to hear and see the former president and McAuliffe, who is campaigning in a tight race for the June Democratic primary.

Discuss :: (2 Comments)

Jane Harman, McAuliffe & Haim Saban

by: Reincarnated

Tue Apr 21, 2009 at 15:06:18 PM EDT

The national blogs erupted yesterday when Jeff Stein's article on CQ was published.  Draditional at Daily Kos has an excellent diary about this:

Yesterday, the Blogosphere erupted with Jeff Stein's CQ article suggesting that Jane Harman may have interfered in the prosecution of alleged Israeli spies in exchange for a committee chairmanship in the 2006 congress.  The information was based upon leaks from wiretaps, according to the CQ article, of a "suspected Israeli agent".  Today the NY Times adds new information that should send a chill down everyone's spine.  The wiretapped "suspected Israeli agent" was working closely with California Billionaire, Haim Saban, a Major Democratic Donor.  This whole affair is starting to smell rotten....

And draditional is so right.....the whole affair IS starting to smell rotten - and as we know, a fish always rots from the head, down.

There is speculation that the "suspected Israeli agent" might be Haim Saban himself, someone working for Saban, etc.  

Check these out:


What a mess.  But the mess is quickly spreading to all of those who are connected to Saban.  And as we all know, Saban has contributed in excess of $251,000.00 to Terry McAuliffe's campaign this year, as well as hosting a large fundraiser for McAuliffe at Saban's home in California.

McAuliffe's relationship with individuals such as Saban on a national level is one of the biggest reasons why McAuliffe should not be nominated to head the ticket this fall.  Each time one of these individuals gets themselves into political hot water, the damage quickly spreads to those they are associated with.

The fallout from this scandal is going to be huge and if McAuliffe is the nominee, it could have HUGE consequences for Virginia Democrats.

Ad if McAuliffe were smart, he would return Saban's HUGE contribution along with every penny that was raised at the Saban's fundraiser.

UPDATED: 5:38 p.m., EST

Jane Harman was interviewed on NPR'S ALL THINGS CONSIDERED.

Dana Houle at Daily Kos has a diary regarding Harman's interview:

Essentially Harman would not acknowledge that the conversations reported in the CQ and NYT articles even took place. When asked by host Robert Segal about the reported calls, she first responded by referring to "phone calls that may or may not have taken place," and then again said, "I don't know if there was a phone call like this." Segal asked her about the conversation she's reported to have had with Haim Saban, supposedly an agreement of a quid pro quo where she would lobby the DoJ on behalf of accused Israeli spies working for AIPAC in return for his lobbying of Nancy Pelosi to make Harman chair of the Intelligence committee. Harman asked Segal in response, "How do we know?" This response on her part showed her falling  back again to the position that it's unclear whether the conversations ever took place.

She repeatedly called for a release of all transcripts of conversations in which she was purportedly picked up on a wiretap, and then, she said, "We'll see what I may or may not have said."  

But then she screwed up. She raised the question of whether the wiretaps were legal--which implied that she accepts their existence, contradicting her previous claims of skepticism that the conversations in fact took place. She wondered whether other members of Congress were or are being wiretapped. And then she stepped in it further by claiming, "The person I talked to was an American citizen."  

Segal immediately caught the inconsistency, asking, "but if you know it was an American citizen...." He then immediately followed up with, "you're saying it was an American citizen..." Harman deflected both questions, instead declaring it an "abuse of power that Members of Congress are wiretapped and maybe some part of some investigation" and "I was never told by the Justice Dept that I was being investigated." This latter bizarre statement implies she thinks she's entitled to something other citizens are not: notification that their possible illegal actions are being monitored, so they would then know to no longer conduct their potential illegal activities in a manner enabling wthe DoJ to build a case.

Discuss :: (13 Comments)

The Risk of Moran

by: Red Sox

Fri Apr 17, 2009 at 11:33:20 AM EDT

(Crossposted at Daily Kos)

This morning's New York Times and Washington Post each bring us news of potential impropriety between Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA 08), his brother Brian (leading candidate for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination in VA), and defense contractors receiving earmarks from Rep. Moran. Congressman Moran sits on the powerful House Subcommittee on Defense Appropriations.

For the uninitiated, Jim Moran has a checkered and inglorious history in Virginia politics. In addition to loathsome intolerance toward religious and racial minorities, he has made multiple ethically questionable decisions.

There's More... :: (0 Comments, 655 words in story)

Does Bob McDonnell understand unemployment?

by: alankrishnan

Thu Apr 09, 2009 at 20:38:58 PM EDT

Cross Posted in Daily Kos (with Poll):

The decision by Virginia Republicans and Bob McDonnell to reject $125 million in federal economic recovery funds for extended unemployment benefits is mind boggling!  This is not bail out money being generated from "somewhere" but Virginia tax payers money that the Federal Government is making available to Virginia, to help Virginia workers who have lost jobs to receive extended unemployment benefits, work part time, and get new training that could help them prepare for new jobs that will surely become available in the near future.

There are several businesses including well established builders, who claim hundreds of millions of dollars in Federal money from the IRS, to recoup current business losses - provided they had profitable years in the past. Two well known building companies that are merging just claimed almost a Billion Dollars to cover their losses the last year.  That is what businesses do - take every opportunity to benefit their companies.

There's More... :: (0 Comments, 891 words in story)
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