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67th District

An Open Letter to Jim LeMunyon

by: Ron Friendly

Thu Oct 29, 2009 at 17:00:52 PM EDT

I got this open letter from the Caputo campaign and figured I'd post it here.  It's pretty intriguing stuff.

October 20, 2009

Dear Jim LeMunyon:

In response to a statement Caputo for Delegate made in a recent mail piece, your campaign released the following statement, followed by an automatic call to the voters of the 67th District in your voice:

In a mailer delivered to voters on October 17, 2009, Chuck Caputo asserted that a company Jim LeMunyon co-founded in 1996, Sterling Semiconductor, failed to pay taxes, was sued for not paying bills, and "went bankrupt."

There is one important fact Chuck overlooked:  Jim and other investors sold Sterling Semiconductor in May 2000.  In part because of the tragedy of September 11, 2001, the NEW OWNERS ran into financial trouble in late 2001 and 2002. (LeMunyon for Delegate press release, 10/17/09.)

According to publicly available records, you and your investors sold Sterling Semiconductor to the Uniroyal Corporation in May, 2000.  However, public records also show that you continued to work for Sterling Semiconductor as President and COO after the May 2000 sale to Uniroyal until Dow Corning acquired Sterling Semiconductor in January, 2003.  In fact, these records show that you, Mr. LeMunyon, served as president of Sterling Semiconductor during the time it "failed to pay taxes, was sued for not paying its bills, and 'went bankrupt.'"

Consider these examples from the public record:

An application by Sterling Semiconductors to do business in Florida, filed with the Florida Secretary of State on April 12, 2001, lists Jim LeMunyon as President of Sterling Semiconductors. (Florida Secretary of State, "Application by Foreign Corporation For Authorization to Transact Business in Florida," Filed April 12, 2001)

The American Electric Association, of whose board Mr. LeMunyon was a member, issued a press release following an event on May 6, 2002 where Mr. LeMunyon moderated questions.  The press release referred to Jim LeMunyon as the "president and COO of Sterling Semiconductor."

It was announced in January 2003 that Dow Corning had purchased Sterling Semiconductor from Uniroyal.  In a September 2003 press release announcing LeMunyon's new position with Technology Strategies and Alliances, it was noted: "After completing his mission with Sterling, which saw it integrated with Dow Corning, Jim essentially returned to his original roots as a strategic international consultant."  (CompoundSemi Online, "Jim LeMunyon Joins Prestigious Beltway Consulting Firm," September 3, 2003; Sarasota Herald-Tribune, "Bankrupt Uniroyal Unloads Sterling," January 28, 2003)

The people of the 67th District deserve to know the whole story.

Delegate Chuck Caputo has always and will always represent his constituents with honesty and the utmost integrity.  He constantly demonstrates how real leadership can make a positive difference in lives of his constituents.  The attacks you and your supporters continue to launch against him and his family are over the line.  We retain the highest confidence that the voters of the 67th District will see through these distortions and falsehoods to reelect Delegate Caputo on November 3rd.


Caputo for Delegate  

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