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Head of Students for Moran (VaTech) switches to Deeds

by: teacherken

Sun Jun 07, 2009 at 16:31:24 PM EDT

Aimee Fausser, whom I believe just graduated from Virginia Tech, has switched to Creigh Deeds.  She has this post up at New Dominion Project from which I quote:

Creigh Deeds is not afraid to fight for what he believes in. One of the positions I most admire was Creigh's attempt to broker a compromise to close the gun show loophole. Creigh's positions are pragmatic and he has shown real leadership, proving to be more concerned with creating actual progress in Virginia than taking an easy position. The other day, I saw this clip of Brian Moran calling Creigh a radical on gun issues. This is ridiculous to me, and really made me upset with Brian. I feel that the negativity that is coming from Brian and Terry's campaigns stands in contrast to the campaign Creigh has run, and of the three races, I think Creigh's exemplifies best what Virginia needs moving forward.

Read Aimee's entire post.  

See update below the fold.

teacherken :: Head of Students for Moran (VaTech) switches to Deeds
I originally listed Aimee just as Head of Students for Moran.   This info, which is part of this diary at Daily Kos, resulted in  Jerome Armstrong calling me a liar.  My source was NLS and Ben's Post.  Now it turns out that after that Jerome was willing to acknowledge that she wasw "self-appointed" at VaTech, although according to Ben she was the Moran campaign's designated contact for the netroots debate.  This highlights several things.

1.  The attack from Jerome was unwarranted.  Had he fully checked at his end, he could have used my publicly offered at dailykos email to offer the clarification, or even posted it as a clarifying comment on the thread at dkos.  Instead he chose to personally attack my integrity.  I'm not sure he wants to go down the road of the integrity of different bloggers

2.  Campaigns often see volunteer supporters switch sides.  It should be no big deal, unless you are really stung by the switch.  Apparently this one stung someone.  After all, Ben featured it at NLS.  And Aimee posted her piece at the Moran-friendly New Dominion Project, meaning it potentially could have an impact on other weak Moran supporters and/or undecideds.

3.  I posted it at dailykos as PART of a diary about a number of things seeming to indicate real movement in the direction of Deeds.  PPP is strongly hinting that they will in about 4 hours in the poll they release show Deeds with a lead outside the margin of error.  There is open discussion about this all over political circles, but absent something specific to link to, I will note merely that Tom Jensen's blog about the poll said that undecideds are breaking heavily one-way and that the only contest seems to be for second place.  In light of all the other info out there, even without the rumored exact number, which I am sure is known in the Moran campaign, they would have reason to be worried.

The appropriate thing for a campaign to do if a blogger or a press type gets something somewhat wrong is to offer the right information and ask for a correction.  That through Jerome we got a far different response from the Moran campaign is to me indicative of something quite problematic in how that campaign has chosen to operate.


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"My source was NLS and Ben's Post."


and he is wrong about his current post how?
are you denying that she was the campaign's designated point of contact for the Virginia Tech debate?

Are you denying that she basically organized the Va Tech for Moran effort?

Are you planning to call me a liar again, which got your comment hidden at Daily Kos?

So at whom should be people be LOL?

This is my world and welcome to it

[ Parent ]
To clarify
I tried to tell Ben that I started the group at VT but nothing more than that, to no avail at the time. I was volunteering for Brian at the debate and was in touch with the campaign, but they certainly had staff there as well!

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