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President Bill Clinton Comes to Annandale, Virginia

by: Sora Dina

Thu May 14, 2009 at 12:37:47 PM EDT

(a positive report on  behalf of the candidate the diarist supports - promoted by teacherken)

Cross posted at

   Yesterday, May 13, 2009, was a beautiful day for a political rally. I arrived at the Annandale campus of Northern Virginia Community College a few minutes after 2:00 pm. That left me time to find a parking space in the visitor parking lot, read, and walk around the campus before the rally. After 3:00 pm I met a friend from my college days at American University and we waited together in line until they collected are tickets and we could enter the gate for the rally.

    A priest prayed the opening invocation, a member of the IAFF Fire Fighters union spoke on Terry McAuliffe's behalf, and Bill Ballard encouraged members of the crowd to become more involved in the campaign through phone banks and door to door canvassing. While the priest was praying, I was praying as well for Terry McAuliffe, Bill Clinton and the crowd of people behind me who came to hear them speak.

split by teacherken, with rest below the fold    

Sora Dina :: President Bill Clinton Comes to Annandale, Virginia
There was a ten-minute break between the opening speakers and the main event. The audience chanted, "jobs, jobs, jobs" introducing former President Bill Clinton and Terry McAuliffe who stepped up onto the podium and found their places in front of the microphone. I was standing in the second row behind the barricade in front of the podium. I had a great view of these two friends who addressed the large crowd behind me. From a friendship born on the golf course in the nineties (see chapter 17 What A Party! by Terry McAuliffe with Steve Kettman) that has lasted and blossomed today, I was excited to see them rally the crowd onto victory for the June 9th Democratic primary.

    President Clinton addressed the crowd first, with Terry McAuliffe nodding by his side. See President Clinton's speech posted at in the article posted by Lowell entitled Bill Clinton and Terry McAuliffe in Virginia. Bill Clinton said that after a traffic delay while he was going to the first rally at Frying Pan Farm Park in Herndon, he has become a one-issue advocate for better transportation in Virginia. Terry McAuliffe strongly supports high-speed rail in Virginia. President Clinton also told the crowd something that I didn't know before. He said that Terry McAuliffe's father came from a working class background and never made more than $30,000 a year in his lifetime. It's amazing how far his intelligent son has come from that humble background.

    Terry McAuliffe, the gubernatorial candidate, spoke next. He told how proud he was to receive the recent endorsements from the League of Conservation Voters, the police union, SEIU and other endorsements. He spoke of his big ideas to bring jobs through alternative energy to Virginia, his education, transportation and other policies outlined in his "Business Plan for Virginia" posted at his website
He included his outrage at the fact that $125 million dollars is now going to other states because of the poor decisions the Virginia Assembly, led by Bob McDonnell, made in April. President Clinton had mentioned in his earlier speech that he supported the economic stimulus package initiated by President Barack Obama.

    I was excited and encouraged to see both of these very intelligent men lead the fight for Democratic victory both in the primary on June 9th and again in November. I believe it is crucial for the Democrats to win in November. A Democratic loss in November signals the end of the battle and defeat for all the good work that President Obama will do for all Virginians and what we all fought so hard for last year. Encourage all your friends, family members, coworkers and others that you know to vote Democratic in both the June 9th primary and again in November.

    It is imperative that we cannot let the GOP, under the leadership of Bob McDonnell, win in November! All Democrats need to overcome the present voter apathy and get out and vote! I will be voting on June 9th and in November. I will be voting for the candidate of my choice - Terry McAuliffe our next Democratic governor after Governor Tim Kaine leaves office at the end of the year.

A volunteer and supporter for the Terry McAuliffe for Governor of Virginia campaign.

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Good Post: Two Additions -- from what I saw there:
1) Remarkable numbers of aggressive Terry supporters recruiting volunteers: I must have been asked 10 times to do call time, and then received a follow up call that evening asking how I liked the event and did I want to make calls . . . .

2) Remarkable numbers of uncommitted voters attending. Clinton was a draw on many folks who have not given their hearts to McAuliffe.

Do you think anyone was swayed by the event?

Thanks for the FHA.
I was able to attend the rally in Norfolk--not a large crowd, but great enthusiasm.  My first time seeing Pres. Clinton and second seeing T-Mac in person--love them both!!
I've started working for T-Mac, based on the support of Clinton, some VA bloggers I respect, and my own in-person impressions.  Started reading his book--and am even more amazed by all he's done.  While I had previously met both Deeds and Moran, and liked them, too--and while I am not totally sure T'Mac will do as well as Moran vs McDonnell--I truly believe that T-Mac would be a terrific governor.  In making calls, I found most undecided, and a few supporting T-Mac--I sure hope we can get a good turnout--the campaign is rightly focusing on seniors who vote at this point.
How about these for an issue:  (1) eliminate the VA auto safety inspection (2) go to a single (rear) license plate.  (These two policies are in effect in Arkansas, from which I just relocated to VA.)

Norfolk and Herndon
The crowd at Herndon was HUGE and tremendously enthusiastic. While the Norfolk crowd was not as large, it was at 09:30 in the morning and for that time, it was amazing.  In all cases the enthusiasm towards Terry and his message really rocked.  Press risers at the events were full and the coverage very positive towards Terry and Clinton's support of the candidate.
 The difference remains that Terry is positive and presents ideas designed for Virginia's future.  Terry has not stooped into the negatives about his fellow Democrats.  Basically calling it a choice between better and BEST.  He does not spare McDonnell and the party of WTF? err I mean NO, however.Terry goes right after him and tags him hard.  Then he goes back to presenting a multi-faceted plan for the future.
 The efficiency and professionalism of Terry's campaign infrastructure is amazing and his staff is relentless in their approach of seeking out volunteers and moving uncommitted voters over to Terry's side.
 The rope lines are something to watch.  Yes, lots of folks want to shake hands and get pictures with president Clinton, but equally amazing is the desire and enthusiasm to be with Terry as well. He talks with all comers, and he listens to people's stories of what they are facing in their daily lives.  Obviously the excitement is there for Terry's candidacy and for his views.  The momentum of energy and ideas is getting stronger every day.  This is the sort of effort we need to win in June and, more important, in November.

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