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UPDATED: Watch the Debate again Here if you like as a courtesy of Collegiate Times

by: Used2Bneutral

Wed Apr 29, 2009 at 17:49:24 PM EDT

( - promoted by Used2Bneutral)

The following viewer is the recorded debate from Wednesday night April 29th at 7:30 PM. You can go directly to the recorded video at the following URL or as a convenience for those that wish, you can watch it on this viewer which will save you a few mouse clicks.....

Used2Bneutral :: UPDATED: Watch the Debate again Here if you like as a courtesy of Collegiate Times
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Do they know
the mic is live?

It starts at 7:30.

that was awkward
the video montage was cringeworthy

it's tough to see just how horrible these republicans are, but the carnival feel of the video itself was beneath the office of the Governor of Virginia.

I think Terry just set the new record...
...for number of times you can say "jobs" in one sentence...

Terry's opening statement
Vote for me ... my complete lack of ties to the Virginia political establishment means I'm far better qualified to navigate through it than my opponents!

And by the way, I've decided to donate all the "g"s from my gerunds to the "Save Our Southern Accents" fund.  That way I'm more authentic ...

[ Parent ]
wow... this is a cool debate
too bad somebody scheduled it opposite the Obama 100 days press conference.

First jab of the night
Moran:  "close the gun show loophole, not just shrink it"

He's clearly aiming for the Dem base, not the general election here...

And Creigh jabs back!

[ Parent ]
Brian and Creigh walloping eachother
Terry comes in to clean up and go up against McDonnell.

SCORE ONE for Terry.

[ Parent ]
Don't understand why Creigh's so herky-jerky
about his answers.  On the attack, but Brian's reference to his much wider experience comes across well, and he was not "slugging it out" with Creigh.  Rather, Creigh seemed determined to go on the attack against him.  Terry just punted on the question.  Not impressed.

[ Parent ]
Does Brian not understand the role of investors?
The Global Crossing innuendo is a red herring. One heck of a lot of people invested in Global Crossing directly and indirectly through mutual funds holdings and they had as much responsibility for the eventual fiasco as Terry did. None.

On guns, Terry basically said...nothing
Smart or dumb to stand back and let Brian and Creigh fight it out?

That's not true
Terry said he would make it a priority to close the loophole

[ Parent ]
Smart of Creigh to go after McDonnell

Hard to reconcile
Brian supports Right to Work and collective bargaining too. Nice.

Where was right to work mentioned?
I listened twice to this part of the recording.  Neither the candidates nor the questioner mentioned right to work.  Brian said he supported collective bargaining, Creigh said the same, and Terry said "me too."  Ooh, controversy.

[ Parent ]
Brian is on record supporting Right to Work

[ Parent ]
McAuliffe's best answer so far..
..on voting rights: showing some passion.

Voting rights
Terry's answer on voting rights couldn't get any better. I had no idea he created the voting rights institute.

is so strong on Voting Rights and work he has done.

Moran directs all knives at McAuliffe
McAuliffe decries his negativity, and Terry puts the facts back.

Whoa -- Brian's aggressive tonight
Going after Terry -- but reading it from a script looked really lame.

Brian just can't stop being negative. Does he have ANYTHING positive to present to lead Virginia? I think not.  

Creigh's complaint to Terry about funding redistricting
was much more effective than Brian's rant. But Terry has effectively countered, standing on his record.

The rules for voting in Virginia are so restrictive and backward. Both Brian and Creigh needs to tell us how they will make voting more open for all. No negative; give us plans for the future

We can have machines without adequate back-up,
but not an honest process to allow those for whom a trip to the physical polling location is a burden.

[ Parent ]
Some of these questions
are too non-controversial.  Equal pay, closing the gun show loophole, etc.  Everyone's on the same page, so it's just an opportunity to continue the stump speech.

Why's Creigh look so nervous and halting in his speech?
This is prime time buddy -- need to pull it together!

This is the problem with Creigh
On good nights he comes off as Mr. Smith goes to Washington.  On bad nights... Willie Lowman.

[ Parent ]
Brian's statement just gives us pablum. What is his specific plan for getting all Virginia schools to be excellent.  

So Terry answered question about equal pay... talking about education and green jobs.  Nice duck!

Actually he said
we have to look forward, create jobs, Lily Ledbetter, will insist on equal pay, jobs open to everyone.

[ Parent ]
Green jobs, high-speed rail, male or female should be paid the same.

[ Parent ]

Her Smithfield Farms question is the best of the night.

Brian doesn't answer the Smithfield question...
Invokes Mark Warner, 9/11, Virginia Tech...
Doesn't admit to taking money from Smithfield.


[ Parent ]
Wow! Moran is beyond and pitiful.
Again! He doesn't admit to his Smithfield contributions:
"If you look at Smithfield's giving, you'll find it leans towards Republicans".

"I have a history of opposing corporate interests".

Invokes Mark Warner again.

Beyond pitiful.

[ Parent ]
Oh please. Terry answered it by talking about chicken waste
He didn't talk about pig farms at all.  He used it as a launch pad to his energy plan - again.

Brian seemed to get distracted by Terry's detour and therefore felt compelled to answer the energy issue raised by Terry in answer to this question, but he did point out that he was on a panel on Virginia's homeland security (apparently in answer to the part of the question about a swine flu pandemic) and is experienced in planning to meet such challenges.  Moreover, he pointed out that offshore drilling and the Surry plant both pose dangers to the Chesapeake Bay.  Terry introduced the issue of the Chesapeake Bay in his answer, so it's fair comment.

[ Parent ]
Brian circled back to again avoid admitting his huge Smithfield contributions.


[ Parent ]
So if McAuliffe had such a masterful grasp of the Smithfield
problem how come he didn't address the issue himself?  I suspect that it wasn't part of his briefing book, and considering that he does not have any actual experience of the issue, having been totally involved in national and not Virginia politics at the time of the Smithfield controversy, he's just skating by talking about something else.  His answer was: enough about Smithfield, let's talk about chicken waste...

If Moran is so much in the pockets of Smithfield, please show where Brian has done anything to frustrate promotion and enforcement of environmental regulations aimed at Smithfield and other mega farms.  He cited his work on environmental threats to Virginia and for Chesapeake Bay cleanup.  He's got a good record on this issue.  As to Terry, well, since he doesn't actually have a record there's no record of his to research on the issue.  We'll just have to take his word for it that he thinks big stinky pig farms should be regulated.  Oh wait a minute, he didn't even say that.  So ... we actually don't know what his position on the issue is.  I don't even know if he's ever actually contributed any of his vast wealth to Chesapeake Bay cleanup.  He certainly hasn't served on and committees for it, or worked on legislation to enable it.  

[ Parent ]
"Huge Smithfield contributions"??
According to Lowell over at Blue Virginia Creigh received $2,250 in contributions, Brian $2,000, and Terry none.  Maybe that looks like big money to you, but personally it would go into my BFD file when you're talking about a campaign costing millions.  And if Brian's going to be bought off with $2,000 in contributions, then what about Creigh?  Please, let's try for some perspective.

[ Parent ]
Virginia -- the Saudi Arabia of Chicken Crap!

Youch -- Brian's third slap of the night
But petty to go after Terry for expanding beyond the subject (though pig waste and chicken waste are not that far apart)...

Swine Flu
Did Creigh say that we catch Swine Flu from pigs? Like to see his basis?

The virus does come from pigs

[ Parent ]
Brian Moran talks about creating a green energy future without any plan to get there. There is a certain amount of energy Virginia needs. We either produce it or buy it from other States. If we buy it from other States, our energy bills go up, while we still get the pollution. An energy plan must contain actions to meet future green energy goals, as well as a plan to get there without falling off an economic cliff.

Brian's best answer yet -- redistricting
Shows passion, cites experience, and compliments Creigh -- finally, beyond the negativity!

Bipartisan redistricting
is a no-brainer.

[ Parent ]
All 3 looked good on that question

[ Parent ]
Moran said he'd support either non partisan or bi partisan redistricting...he should choose just one.

He did not put it that way.
What he discussed was that he and Creigh are on the same page regarding non-partisan redistricting - which can also be described as bi-partisan redistricting when you come down to it.  They're both saying that redistricting should not be dependent upon the political flavor of the month.  Terry, of course, has absolutely no experience in this issue, having never served in the legislature and having no hands-on experience of such things.  

Both Brian and Creigh had good comments on this issue.  Brian said process is important and that the only way to get the results you want is to provide the process.  Creigh said that the process must be changed and if a non-partisan plan can be put together it will change the "calculus of government forever."  

Terry rather lamely declared that "competition is good" and we have to "bring in new people and new ideas."  Huh??  He clearly had no idea what exactly the other two were talking about.

[ Parent ]
Term limits?
 What about getting rid of the one-term governorship?  

You mean limit the Governor to ZERO terms?
just kidding... I know what you meant.

[ Parent ]
In case anybody cares...
Obama was just asked about Specter's party switch.  This Virginia debate was very poorly scheduled.

When the report on Surry is finished,
 it will still be a massive polluting coal plant

Then an informed decision can be made

[ Parent ]
Terry's position on energy is solid
best point of the night:

The assembly took out 80% of the clean energy incentives, while other states are adding them.

Yes, so solid that he says he "doesn't have enough information"
about whether the Surry coal plant is a bad idea, and that "people want jobs".  But enough about his waffling, he declares, let's talk about my cool gigantic 130 page term paper.  It's FIVE whole chapters!!!

[ Parent ]
Creigh and Terry handed Brian a gift by dodging Surrey... he can be clear on the issue -- but he looks petty again by accusing his opponents of "pandering".

Brian just comes off looking pugilistic
He's like niedermeier

but his answer on marriage equality was really good... until... woops!  Creigh kicks him down.

Ahh another chance for Creigh and Brian to bloody eachother.

[ Parent ]
Best question: "Is there such a thing as clean coal"

someone asked outright!

[ Parent ]
Is there such a thing as clean coal?
Creigh:  we need to develop it, but no

Terry:  no - obama is investing it, but it's not there

Brian:  no  

Brian strong on the gay marriage issue -- clear, unequivocal

Until Creigh catches his hypocrisy
in all fairness, when you've got a lot of votes, you step on your own toes.

[ Parent ]
Yeah, Brian needs to answer that one (hasn't yet)

[ Parent ]
Hypocrisy? Brian truly did put in a huge number of hours
and enormous passion in fighting the Marshall-Newman Amendment, traveling all over the state and engaging in debates with the troglodyte faction, going on the radio to lobby against it.  Afraid Creigh's being the hypocrite here.  "I voted for it, but then I voted against it."  Compared to one vote years ago, after which Brian's passionate opposition to the Amendment was evident for all to see, this is a total winner for Brian.

Where was Terry?  Well, of course he wasn't in the trenches with either of these two guys.  His answer smacks of waffling again.  He talks about civil unions - NOT gay marriage, then goes off on his "accentuate the positive" theme, something which by this time was beginning to grate on me.  

[ Parent ]
Though he got tripped up a bit on the issue of other states' laws

[ Parent ]
Poor Creigh
he really does have great ideas...

he just doesn't come across well in public half the time.

Brian was loud and unequivocal. But he doesn't have a plan; other than talk. Talk does not change anything. Until he shows how he will get this removed from the constitution he is only pandering.  

Please explain how the governor is supposed to get this "removed"
from the Constitution.  Are you aware that the Virginia Partisans have endorsed Brian?  He's clearly the strongest champion of gay rights in this election by far.  Terry only briefly touched on it and then tried to direct attention away from it.  WHERE was Terry when this thing was headed for a vote?  He claims to be a Virginian and intensely interested in Virginia politics.  What was he doing back in 2006, before the Hillary campaign, and when he presumably had some time to get involved in this issue?  As to Creigh, even he admitted his thinking on this matter has been behind the curve.

[ Parent ]
I'm a Terry supporter
so I'm biased, but his answer on education, connecting education investment to prison reform and state budgeting issues is just good.  just good.

it's a guy with good ideas, solutions and not ideologically driven.

When he goes up against McDonnell, that distinction will ring true.  McAuliffe will be all about smart solutions and clear-headed, big-idea vision.  McDonnell will be exposed as the radical ideologue that he is.

Yes, yes. We should all draw great comfort
from the glib way Terry constantly directs attention back to his 130 page opus, never delving into specifics, and reiterating endlessly that he's about jobs, green energy, and big ideas.  Lots and lots and lots and lots of big ideas.  Huge, gigantic, mega ideas.  Woohoo!  More big ideas than EVER before seen in Virginia!!  Yes, no sweat.  He'll have absolutely no problems with our General Assembly.

[ Parent ]
Excellent question
about what sets the candidates apart.

oh snap!
Brian Moran goes after Terry, and falls on his face.


wow... is Brian Moran going to cry?

[ Parent ]
Moran is coming off like a you know what

Turning to Bob McDonnell
Terry does a good job of explaining why the three of them have yet to fare well in polls against Bob. The discussion about Bob's flaws points out that the issues that will reduce his lead have yet to be emphasized.

Unfortunately, Brian has chosen to attack Terry during a discussion about electability. Brian has floundered on the negative campaign charges. He has dug himself a deep well.

Creigh sticks to the point.

Creigh finally makes a good argument
I'm the only one who's run statewide.  I'm the only one who's ever run a competitive campaign.  Good stuff.

Funny how Business One Stop was tauted by Bloomberg
and Moran just copied it.

BTW, when did Terry pick up a Southern accent?
"Ah've" for "I've" and dropping his "g"s ("buildin'")...

so what?
He's lived in VA 20 years. My father is from PA and has a VA accent does that mean he's faking it?  

[ Parent ]
In McLean????????????

[ Parent ]
Fake Virginia
Yeah, I forgot those folks in McLean aren't real Virginians.

[ Parent ]
I like the way Terry suddenly developed that accent
after just last year having a middle American, non-Southern sounding accent in his many, many appearances on the Morning Joe show.  

[ Parent ]
Probably learnin' good English from his Virginia educated children...

[ Parent ]
Brian just copied it as he reads his talking points in this debate.

woot! BC question gets asked. Very nice! n/t

What about
Access to 4-year institutions for community college students?

eric cantor

 Brain seems to only have sanctimonious pandering rhetoric. Does he know what he really wants to do? Much less how to work cooperatively to get there. If Terry can implement half of his ideas, this state will be light years ahead.  

Wow -- even in the closing statement, Brian's on the attack!
Not smart -- not a classy way to close.

pitiful... moran's got nothing but attacks
he just looks angry and sad.

McAuliffe showed tonight that he's the best candidate to take on Bob McDonnell and find real solutions to the  problems facing Virginia's working families.

Moran supporters must be disasppointed tonight.

[ Parent ]
You know, I read many of these comments before I listened
to the debate, and I must say as a Moran supporter I entered it with some trepidation due to the strong description of multiple attacks by Brian.  However, the reality does not match the description.  In fact, very little of the debate was Brian attacking Terry.  No, the thing that impressed me about the debate was the failure of Terry to provide specifics of what exactly he was going to do to solve problems.  At times he demonstrated a grasp of a particular fact or figure, but much of the time, when confronted with something he could not easily handle such as the redistricting question, he either punted by announcing that everyone was in agreement here, or he simply directed his answer at a question of which he felt more certitude.  He relentlessly returned to his main themes of:  change (we need BIG new ideas, no legislative experience necessary or even desirable), jobs, and energy.  Over and over and over. In other words, he was carefully scripted.  Cheap debate trick.  Moreover, when Brian did go on the attack about some of Terry's more embarrassing moments (witness his attacks on Obama), Terry began to interrupt and argue with him.  This is yet another cheap debate trick designed to direct attention away from the man behind the curtain.

Sorry, Terry's performance was much worse than I expected given the great press he received beforehand.

[ Parent ]
You are not the only one who noticed...
Thanks for your comment.  Terry's "performance" reminded me much of the days towards the end of last year's primary when then Senator Obama had already won.

[ Parent ]
Is Brian Moran related to Sarah Palin?

Come ON
Jane's question: Right now, police and firemen can't organize. Twitter question: would you support collective bargaining for public employees.
Moran: Yes, and I have supported candidates who do so as well.
Deeds: Gov's duty is to protect the public; I always voted for "meet & confer" legislation. Support and will sign as gov.
Terry: We all agree! Plus: Lots of unions have endorsed me.

OH PULEEEEEZ. I have met with Deeds on a number of ocassions as a former union organizer for public sector. He never endorsed meet and confer as didn't both Warner and Kaine. The VA AFL-CIO and other unions dumped millions of dollars into all of their campaigns for the promise of meet and confer. One can only hope that the AFL and VA unions won't be so STUPID as to dump any money into the Virginia gubanatorial race this year.

COME ON. A Virginia governor isn't going to stand up for public sector workers. Not now, not ever in a right to work for less state. Hell, can't even get Warner, Webb or Kaine to endorse EFCA. The campaign money needs to be CUT OFF. Deeds and Moron are too entrenched in Richmond to stand up, Terry may have the cahonnes to stand up for state workers, I don't know.

Terry has a grip on the fact this is a one term opportunity
He has nothing to lose if he does the right thing. Beyond the fact there is no indication of aspirations for office after being governor, he has always followed through on his obligations. He really is a loyal guy, as hard as that can be. And, he is just edgy enough to make this a point of emphasis with the support he has received.

I'll endeavor to ask him about this Friday at his Norfolk Town Hall on the economy and jobs.

[ Parent ]
[...] no indication
of aspirations for office after being governor [...]

you say. And I haven't seen any aspirations for office before, either. Is McAuliffe simply a slightly more energetic version of Caroline Kennedy, then? A golden, privileged child, struck by a sudden whim?

[ Parent ]
Hope that works for you...Terry comes from the great privilege of loving parents
Read his book, do some research, meet Terry.

He is the genuine article. I did not come to this opinion without overcoming serious reservations. He is stepping into a vacuum that was going to be filled by Taliban Bob and is battling against historical precedent.

[ Parent ]
He's got everything to lose
He thinks he can get into the governor's mansion, look over at the General Assembly, and say "let me show you guys how it's done."  Think they're all going to sit back in awe at the breadth of his vision?  So far I haven't seen much evidence of these specifics he claims to bring to the table, just a lot of generalities about education - it's good; energy - it's good, too, especially if it's clean, but he's not saying he'd be totally against the Surry plant as long as it brings jobs; and lots of positive feeling - positive makes us all feel good.  

He has a tendency, which I've noticed in his book, of making himself the "go-to" guy in anecdotes and examples.  He's supremely self-confident, but his self-confidence appears to lie mostly in his belief that he can talk anyone into anything.  It's not founded in his deep knowledge of a particular subject or process.  It's about his belief in the power of his own personality.  Even the answer he gave about how to attract business to Virginia focused on how he was going to go all over to every business and just talk businesses into investing in Virginia.  

[ Parent ]
I updated the Diary so the viewer now shows the recorded video....
the entire video is posted here now.....

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