Long Live Blue Virginia!

by: Dave

Fri Apr 02, 2010 at 13:58:46 PM EDT

UPDATE, 4/18: All commenting, posting, and new user registration has been disabled.

As many of you may have noticed in the last few weeks, the editors of Blue Commonwealth have been double-posting between BC and Blue Virginia. That's because... we're moving!

Now that Blue Virginia is back to a community format (in the spirit of the old Raising Kaine), we all figure that both communities are best served by merging. It will mean more opinions, more commentary, more ideas, and in general a more vibrant and active community.

So what does this means practically?
1) Blue Commonwealth will be turning off comments and new posts on April 18th.
2) Everyone reading this, if they haven't already should head over to Blue Virginia, http://www.bluevirginia.us and register for an account.
3) Readers, posters, and commentors at BC should start "transferring" their participation over to Blue Virginia.

Lest you be worried about editorial input, policies, etc, fear not! The entire board of BC is now on the board of BV where their talent can be combined with the likes of Lowell and Miles. Everyone here is happy about the move, and we hope you will be too.

So say goodbye to Blue Commonwealth, and say hello to Blue Virginia. Long live Blue Virginia!

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