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Brian Moran Launches

by: Eileen

Fri Apr 24, 2009 at 06:51:01 AM EDT

Gubernatorial candidate Brian Moran today launched a new website entitled "Surry Ain't Clean Coal".

"We cannot solve 21st century problems with 19th century fossil fuels. The proposed coal-burning power plant in Surry should not go forward because it will dirty our air and water and threaten the Chesapeake Bay. 2009 should be the year that we make unprecedented commitments to clean, renewable energy that can preserve our planet and create thousands of new jobs all over the Commonwealth."

The website also contrasts the position on the Surry coal plant to the other two Democratic candidates, Creigh Deeds and Terry McAuliffe.

Eileen :: Brian Moran Launches
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How is there a distinction?
I really like Brian Moran.  But I would like to know how he justifies voting for the Wise County plant when he is taking this position about the Surry Plant.  If he thinks the technology isn't "clean", how is the technology at the Wise plant any better?  It's not, it is the same.

While he expresses the desire to protect the Chesapeake Bay, what about the Clinch River in Far Southwest, one of the most ecologically diverse ecosystems in North America?   What about other bodies of water in Southwest, and the mercury that will be spewed into the air of  one of the most pristine ecological environments in our Commonwealth?    How are these positions consistent?  

Perhaps there is an explanation, but I haven't heard one.  It almost seems as if SW Virginia and its inhabitants have been deemed less worthy of protection.

Dominion $
Others have brought this up.  Wise County is a Dominion plant.... and Surry is a Old Dominion Electric Cooperative plant.......

[ Parent ]
The technology is EXACTLY the same....Is Moran saying that it isn't the same?  Is he saying that Dominion isn't going to be spewing Mercury and other pollutants into the fresh mountain air of Southwest Virginia?  If he is saying that I want to hear that because the environmental community would totally disagree with that.

The plant in Surry was envisioned to use exactly the same "state of the art" (ugh!) technology as the plant in Wise.

[ Parent ]
Just shows partisan politics....
Wise county promoter donated to his campaign, Surry Plant promoter did not :)

I used to live in SW Virginia, and it is one of the best places in the world (I should know, having lived in 3 continents), particularly for growing families and raising children.  Too bad Moran does not appear to respect those inhabitants.

Do all the good you can
By all the means you can
In all the ways you can
In all the places you can
At all the times you can
To all the people you can
As long as ever you can
John Wesley

[ Parent ]
Why are we still talking about this?  Haven't we beaten this dead horse to a bloody pulp?  

I thought the folks at Article XI and WiseEnergyforVirginia were resolved to stop this plant the right way through generating grassroots opposition from the cooperative membership.  What's the governor of Virginia going to do here?  Is Moran really aiding in the cause of getting people to write in to their coops and ODEC?  And outside the folks in PGEC, is this really an issue that is resonating with the general public (well, the ones who will show up in November anyway)?

The vast majority of voters have NOT tuned in
to this race yet. That's why the answer to your question is a resounding "no," and that's why all the campaigns and their supporters keep repeating their points.

[ Parent ]
Also, as I'm sure you know, in political
communication, constant repetition is key to getting a message through  Thus, Barack Obama said "change" and "hope" about, oh, a gazillion times in 2008.  And this year, you will hear about the Republicans' rejection of $125 million in federal stimulus money about, oh, a gazillion times. Enjoy! :)

[ Parent ]
WiseAintCleanCoal either
Why did Brian Moran vote for it, and why did he say the other day in Williamsburg that he didn't regret that vote?

Those two bills had a lot of components.  Only one of which was the coal fired generation.  They were both a part of much larger pieces of legislation.  Both pieces of legislation were bad overall.  Awful because Dominion wrote them to their benefit.  The first one was awful because it didn't create a real system where competition could take hold and thrive.  The second because despite it being labelled re-regulation, Dominion loaded it with a lot of restrictions to tie the regulator's hands.  

But what Democrat voted against them?  So, apparently the entire Democratic HOD and Senate caucuses need to be purged, right?  Where is your harsh critique of all of them?  

I think Eileen is putting too much faith in Brian's new found zeal.  But I think you need to lay off too.  You think that Moran's vote was all about this one plant on these two bills and that is just ridiculous.  There is no way to know what went into Moran's calculations for voting for either bill.  It's just wild speculation on your part to assume that supporting coal was the driver here.  You want to criticize him on voting for a poor piece of legislation fine, that is fair.  But to extrapolate votes on two complex bills to imply support for some big coal agenda is a leap.

[ Parent ]
The point is...
Not that Brian voted for/against it, but that he's contradicting is own "positions". If he thinks clean-coal is the way, fine just let him admit it.  

[ Parent ]
A matter of trust
Sounds to me like Moran is just trying to tell people what he thinks they want to hear.  He tells the environmental groups he's against the Surry Plant, but he tells SW Virginians that clean coal is just terrific when he thinks he's talking to people who are pro-coal.  Then he puts a link to Wise Energy for Virginia (an ANTI COAL coalition) on his new anti Surry plant website.   And when he was in the legislature and actually had the power to do something to try to stop the Wise County plant he did absolutely nothing in opposition to it.   Where was Moran when Wise Energy for Virginia needed his help?  No where to be found... voted for the stinking Wise County power plant  all the way.    I'd almost rather vote for a politician with whom I disagree if I think they are shooting straight with me about their views than vote for someone who seems so wiggly I can't trust them to tell me where they really stand.

I have a sinking feeling like
 you might be right, about telling each constituency what each wants to hear, clinchgal.

"One person, one vote" died at the hands of SCOTUS, January 21, 2010

[ Parent ]
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