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Santa Claus is coming to town (nearest you)

by: libra

Wed Apr 22, 2009 at 22:32:27 PM EDT

I was hoping someone else would bring this up; I'm clueless when it comes to writing a "diary" of my own (formatting? tags? I'm 'puter-illiterate), on top of which it's just a wee nugget, not a whole gold-field. But none seem to have picked up on it, and I think it's interesting at least, if not actually important.

A month or so ago, a local friend and I were talking about the forthcoming primaries. Both of us are "Deedsies" and we were both worried about his chances, given that he's had a slow fundraising start, tied as he was to the legislature protocol and cycle. She's a bit moonstruck on the Clintons, so she said she hoped the Big Dog would come down here and stump for Deeds.

I had to laugh; "if Willie Wanker comes out shilling for anyone, before the primaries, it will be for McAuliffe" I said. "The best we can hope for is that he sits tight until after the primaries and stumps for the nominee". She thought I was out of my mind. She thought that, having grown up in a different country, I didn't have a real "feel" for American politics.

Well... It looks like my old "cynic-o-meter" is still fully functional, for all it had been forged, of inferiour materials, in commie Poland, many, many years ago. Here comes the Big Dog, throwing his weight for his buddy:

libra :: Santa Claus is coming to town (nearest you)
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Maybe not,
a Front Pager, but well worth noting, I think.  Clinton is supposed to appear with Terry on the campaign trail in both Richmond and Roanoke on this coming Monday.  Time and details are to be announced...

"One person, one vote" died at the hands of SCOTUS, January 21, 2010

However, do keep writing. n/t

"One person, one vote" died at the hands of SCOTUS, January 21, 2010

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I much prefer to comment on other people's blogs; if you'd promoted me to Front Page, I'd, probably, be scared rigid and never originate anything again. I took the risk, because I didn't see anyone else mention it while, at the same time, I do think Clinton's push is an important piece of the puzzle.

[ Parent ]
How do y'all think this will play
Bill Clinton in Richmond? not to mention Ro'noke? Oh, wow. Oh, hmmm.

It'll certainly be
interesting, especially "down heah", in my area (Lexington, aka "Lextropolis")...

On the one hand, the area is solidly pro-Deeds; the common wisdom is: "he's a local boy (known quantity), he'd nearly done for McDonnell once before and, hopefully, will really nail him to the barn door this time 'round". OTOH... Lots of people adore Bill Clinton; if he thinks McAuliffe is the real thing, perhaps he's right? So, it'll really be down to whose judgment people trust more: Clinton's or their own?

So far, I've only heard a response from two people: the friend I mentioned in the original post and my own husband. Both decided to stick with Deeds, Big Dog's recommendations notwithstanding.

I'm likely to hear more -- at least from the Dem women -- on Sunday. Our newly elected mayor is having a gathering, which includes Nanalou Sauder and Mary Sue Terry, dedicated to ways and means of getting more Dem women elected (and nominated) to various offices (moles rule!). Doubtless, the subject of the Gubernatorial elections will come up at some point, even though all contenders are lowly males.

[ Parent ]
I hope gold are for free! LOL. Santa maybe thinking of the market today as full of business.
cash for gold

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