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RoboBob in Bizarro World

by: kindler

Thu Jan 28, 2010 at 19:29:12 PM EST

Cross-posted at Daily Kos

Back when I was a young comic book reading whipper-snapper, I remember Superman's freaky enemy, Bizarro.  In the upside-down and backwards Bizarro world that he came from, as Jerry Seinfeld described it in the Seinfeld episode "The Bizarro Jerry": "Up is down, down is up. He says 'Hello' when he leaves, 'Good bye' when he arrives."

Although Bob McDonnell did not start his response to Obama's State of the Union with "Goodbye", the whole presentation kind of struck me as the Bizarro Obama giving a very different kind of an address from a vaguely familiar but off-kilter world.

In Governor Bob's Bizarro world, minorities stand behind him and nod approvingly, like Tonto to his Lone Ranger -- unlike the real world where he only received 9% of the black vote last November.

In the Bizarro General Assembly set up for this speech, there is no opposition -- everyone is a supporter, clapping wildly and continually like trained seals on crack.  A little different from the real SOTU, where President Obama had to address himself to both supportive Democrats and cynical Republicans.

kindler :: RoboBob in Bizarro World
In this strange world, a new governor who refuses to let his state know how he is going to come up with the cash to fill a massive hole in his budget can dispense words of wisdom to a president laying bare his soul about the challenges in the national budget.

In Bob's Bizarro World, Thomas Jefferson is cited as if he were some kind of a knee-jerk right-winger.  In the real world, through his career and Regent University master's thesis, McDonnell has sharply rejected the separation of church and state established first in Jefferson's Virginia Statute on Religious Freedom, one of our third president's proudest achievements.

Bizarro Bob World is a place where all the most sacred conservative axioms go unchallenged, like Scripture.  It's a utopia unscathed by the filth of unwashed Democrats -- kind of like those exclusive country clubs that our Republican friends like to frequent.

It's a place where a handsome man with a soothing tone can reassure you that you needn't fear the anarchy of liberal-led society because you can find a haven in a Richmond auditorium where everyone is happy and clapping and there is no dissension.  (Who needs dissension?  Okay, back to Thomas Jefferson and that Bill of Rights thing...)

I don't blame the Repubs one bit for propping this guy up for his Potemkin Village SOTU response. Gov. Bob reminds you of a kindly uncle - well, if your uncle were an android.  He has nothing much to say, but he says it so nicely.  I wish I lived in this Bizarro world too, where everyone cheered wildly every time I pronounced some stale ideological bromide.  What a happy place that would be!

But alas, we do not live in Bizarro world, but in the real world.  A place where we have a bold young president taking on enormous challenges with no help whatsoever from his not-so-loyal opposition.  All that opposition has to offer up is the same tired old vision of a city on a hill with another phony-baloney actor telling us how all our problems will be solved if we just believe in tax cuts, guns and Jesus.  

So, sorry I won't be joining you in your happy little world, Bob.  Goodbye to all that - or maybe I should say, Hello?

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All I'd like to know
about last night's McDonnell's circus performance (he himself looks like a well trained, sleek, seal) is how legal it was for him to use the Assembly for an invitation-only, partisan event. Shouldn't it have taken place at the Repub headquarters instead?

Vis his carefully assembled Diversity Chorus... I've heard that they were people from his cabinet. True?

I heard they were students...
...which would make sense cuz they looked pretty young.

[ Parent ]
I stand corrected
Per the WaPo, Bob's backup included "Cabinet members Lisa Hicks-Thomas and Jim Cheng, an eighth-grader from Petersburg and an Iraq veteran who served alongside McDonnell's daughter."  

[ Parent ]
He paid for it
His PAC rented the space. If the GA rents out their space... shrug. It has all of the trappings of legality.

[ Parent ]
"Soothing tone"
Some may find his tone "soothing."  I think he talks like a robot, with a deadening monotone.  So Robo-Bob is a perfect alternate nickname.  (Kinda still like the old one.)

"One person, one vote" died at the hands of SCOTUS, January 21, 2010

Where did Robo-Bob pick up that hick accent ?
I happen to be from Wise county and was never ashamed of my Hill Billy accent like Jerry Kilgore seems to be, and there's nothing wrong with a "hick" accent either if it's genuine. But Bob grew up in McLean and in his thirties attended Pat Robertson's law school. I doubt he found that weird accent in Virginia Beach either, so maybe he did take a trip to Bizarro-Land to make himself sound like a "regular" guy.

I fully agree with the comment that he didn't really say much of anything - pretty much repeating his hollow campaign speeches. I was surprised that his National GOP handlers didn't write the speech for him and allowed him so say such nice things about Obama and that he wants "cooperation" not partisanship from the Va. General Assembly. I doubt his politeness will get him much from the right-wingers in Richmond - they already think he's too moderate (because he says he is). I thought his voice and his pitch seemed weak, even pathetic, with no real counter to Obama's strong voice and messages. If Bob is the best the GOP can come up with as their spokesperson they are in worse shape than I thought.

Well written, Kathy. Thanks.


[ Parent ]
I think you meant to thank
kindler, who wrote this blog. So, thanks, kindler.  Excellent post.

"One person, one vote" died at the hands of SCOTUS, January 21, 2010

[ Parent ]
Thank you both
I think that Gov. Bob's pleasant persona (be it real or staged) is the biggest thing he's got going for him, and one of the reasons he landed this SOTU response gig.  

Think about it:  who else among leading Republicans is even remotely likeable?  Most of them just make everyone's stomach churn -- I mean, c'mon: Sarah Palin? Mitt Romney? Mitch McConnell? John Boehner? Eric Cantor? Newt Gingrich? Rush Limbaugh?  Ugh.  Anybody there you want to watch for a half-hour on your TV screen?

Part of the reason Reagan was so successful and has now ascended to god-like status is because he just had that (Hollywood-trained) manner and appearance that made him come across as somebody you'd like to have over for dinner: a nice guy. A mensch, even!

If RoboBob can continue to play the good cop to a whole party of bad cops, he'll have a very bright future ahead of him indeed.

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