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Volunteering Matters

by: frankoanderson

Wed Jan 13, 2010 at 19:17:57 PM EST

( - promoted by KathyinBlacksburg)

In November 2007, we suffered a 100-vote defeat in the 37th Senate District, which gave Ken Cuccinelli the victory and led to one of the most extremist Attorneys General that we will have ever seen in Virginia.  As we often say here on Blue Commonwealth, elections have consequences.

This time around, a dedicated group of volunteers resolved to prevent that from happening again.  This time we can say that every door knocked, every phone call made and every hour volunteered made a big difference in electing Dave Marsden for Senate.

frankoanderson :: Volunteering Matters
I want to thank everyone - volunteers and staffers - who worked their butts off to turn my district blue.  There are too many to name, so I won't try for fear of leaving someone out.  You know who you are!

It's hard to quantify the contribution of any campaign worker but with the margin of victory we saw last night, I would venture to say that had we taken a handful of volunteers out of the equation, we may have lost this one.  If we didn't have a strong absentee ballot campaign, we also would've lost.

I was fortunate to have a college semester break which afforded me the time to volunteer.  But aside from my contribution, I've noticed over the past few years that a core group of volunteers turns out for almost every election and gets little recognition.  It would be great to have a Virginia Volunteers Hall of Fame to honor these folks who tirelessly dedicate so much of their time for Democratic campaigns.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to victory in the 37th!

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Thanks to All
Thanks to all you who volunteered for the special election. Those elections are vital, yet the turnout is so small that whoever energizes a sliver of the electorate to make the small effort required to vote can win. Those volunteers you are a part of are the ground troops for democracy.

The Democrats really needed that victory after the debacle of November. Thanks for delivering.

There were some who who just couldn't bring themselves to see beyond what they perceived as Dave Marsden's shortcomings. However, we got the win, and Marsden will be light years better for his constituency than the nutcake who will sit in the AG's office.  

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