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by: VirginiaYoungDemocrats

Tue Jan 12, 2010 at 21:31:42 PM EST

( - promoted by KathyinBlacksburg)

From our press release...


Virginia Young Democrats make over 14,000 voter contacts in critical victory
In-kind organizers, volunteer force critical to victory

Mary Kate, Trent, and Delegate Marsden

Centerville, VA - Delegate Dave Marsden has just won the special election to fill the senate seat vacated by Attorney General-elect Ken Cuccinelli. The district was represented by a Republican in the state senate for 8 years and carried by Republican Governor-elect Bob McDonnell. The seat is now in Democratic hands. The Virginia Young Democrats (VAYD) contributed two in-kind organizers to the campaign after Delegate Marsden was the only Democrat to file. In the past five-and-a-half weeks, VAYD organizers Trent Armitage and Mary Kate Aylward and scores of VAYD volunteers combined to make well over 14,000 voter contacts in this race. The margin of victory for Senator-elect Marsden was less than 350 votes.

VirginiaYoungDemocrats :: MARSDEN WINS!!!
"Congratulations to Senator-elect Dave Marsden, his campaign staff, to our organizers, Trent and Mary Kate, and of course, to all the Young Democrats who volunteered," said Sean Holihan, president of the Virginia Young Democrats. "I am absolutely thrilled that the Virginia Young Democrats were able to contribute to substantially to this critical win."

"The Virginia Young Democrats continue to grow as a professional organization," said Toby Quaranta, Executive Director of the Virginia Young Democrats. "I am more and more proud of how increasingly important young voters and young volunteers are to winning Democratic campaigns and championing progressive causes."

The Virginia Young Democrats are a statewide PAC for Democrats under the age of 36.  With 51 chapters and 10,000 members, the Virginia Young Democrats are the premiere volunteer organization for progressive causes in the commonwealth. In 2009 the Virginia Young Democrats hired 14 organizers to work on the statewide races and in key legislative districts. As an organization, the Virginia Young Democrats made 137,300 voter contacts.

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MARSDEN WINS!!! | 9 comments
final margin for Marsden +327; absentee voters gave Marsden +405
the absentee votes effort was the key to victory!

replacing Marsden as a delegate
any news on the next special election to replace Marsden in the House of Delegates?

My guess is
it will probably happen in February. In 2006, Ryan McDougle won a special for Bolling's Senate seat and his House seat was filled three weeks later.

As for candidates... I don't know. The Republicans might put up Kerry Bolognese again, but he won't have McDonnell's coattails this time.

[ Parent ]
Because the General Assembly will be in session, it will set the date for that election.
Though late February is possible, March is more likely.

[ Parent ]
Note to Massachusetts
Special Elections can be won...WITH EFFORT

Congratulations to Grassroots Democrats
including not just the Young Democrats but all the sitting Senators and Delegates who got out in the snow and bitter cold and knocked on doors to help Marsden, plus the phone bankers and the dedicated Democrats who sent in their absentee ballots. This was a joint grassroots effort and a joint victory for an outstanding candidate who will make an outstanding Senator.

This Democratic taking of a formerly solid Republican district represents more than a little hiccup in the Republican bragging about the tide turning in their favor, especially in Virginia. Experience tells us they will double down in their efforts in Virginia to block Obama's national agenda at the state level, and muzzle Democrats in any attempt to get across the Democratic message.

I also predict a real brawl for Dave's former seat in the House. Look at the precincts which voted for the Republican Hunt, and voted big time. Many of them look to me to be part of Dave's old district, with just enough strong blue precincts to make it into another knockdown-dragout fight. Expensive, too.  

Marsden Is Bewtter than a GOPer
There are many Democrats who swallowed hard to support Dave Marsden as the Democratic candidate. Again, the perfect  should not be the enemy of the possible.

Considering that Cooch is now going to have four years in the AG office, at least we don't have a clone of Cooch sitting in the Senate.

You take what you can get!

ISO Dems for Marsden's HOD Seat
I'm starting to get nervous about the Dems holding on to Marsden's seat in the House of Delegates.  The only name I've seen surface for the GOP is Bolognese, and without a credible Dem, Bolognese could easily win, given how close he came to beating Marsden last November.  Lowell tweeted a rumor he heard about Mike Signer being asked to run.  Normally, Ben is all over rumors of names, but he appears shell shocked about Marsden's victory over Hunt.  It's hard to believe that Dems hadn't considered the possibility that Marsden would win and create a vacancy that would need to filled in a hurry.  It's even harder to believe that the Dems would let the GOP nominee run unopposed.  In 2007, the GOP viewed Marsden as so formidable they let him run unopposed, and had the GOP thought 2009 was going to be a good year for them, they probably would have run someone more credible than Bolognese.  C'mon Dems!  The filing deadline is only 16 days away.

MARSDEN WINS!!! | 9 comments
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