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Lieberman Must Go; So Must Senate Version (Back to the House)

by: KathyinBlacksburg

Tue Dec 15, 2009 at 20:14:26 PM EST

I will not mince words here.  It's bad enough that Joe Lieberman (I-CT) has been allowed to control the entire health care agenda.  But the man positively gloats about it.  He's playing Dems for fools.  It's time for the charade to stop.

Every time Dems cave to him, Lieberman moves the goal further.  It's a tired, old trick.  He is not negotiating anything.  Rather he is calling the shots.  And with Rahm Emanuel issuing orders for Reid to cater to him, it looks like Joe Lieberman is in charge.  He's not the one we chose as our leader.  And it's not change we can believe in.  

KathyinBlacksburg :: Lieberman Must Go; So Must Senate Version (Back to the House)
What is worse is that Joe Lieberman's actions are extremely manipulative and disingenuous.  As recently as September of this year, he said he'd support a provision allowing those 55-64 to buy into Medicare.  (See the video in my article Monday.) He's held this position for at least 9 years.  Now that it appears progressives would settle for that, Joe claims such a plan would be a bad thing.  (He admitted that it bothered him that Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY) liked it.)

Joe Lieberman, the up-to-his-armpits recipient of health insurance dollars, is so compromised that should have no voice in the negotiations at all and should be repudiated by everyone in the Senate.  Instead, he still holds his chairmanship, still calls the shots, and still continues in his vendetta against anything progressive, or anything progressives agree to.  Besides, he's never going to vote for the gutted bill anyway.  Dems need to wake up to that fact.  Any bill Lieberman would vote yes on is not worth having.

Joe Lieberman didn't even support our president for election, choosing instead to support John McCain.  He would not accept the decision of CT Dems to support Ned Lamont, and ran as an independent against a Democrat. He's been on the wrong side of just about everything.  

In any Democratic organization, someone working against the Dem candidate is no longer allowed to lead.  Why is Joe Lieberman getting away with this?  ANSWER: Cowardice by our Senate leadership.  

Lieberman has been playing them for years. I also blame Al Gore (whom I otherwise greatly admire) for selecting Lieberman.  For shame on anyone who ever thought Joe Lieberman deserved a national platform.  It's gone to his head.  

Today, Howard Dean called for the sacking of the gutted, watered-down Senate bill.  Not only is there no real reform in the bill any more, increasingly, there is evidence that many booby traps are embedded within the bill.  Today, former insurance executive, turned reformer, Wendell Potter, revealed that there are penalties built into the bill, for example, for those with high blood pressure or high cholesterol.  Yet we've been told there is no penalty for pre-existing conditions. There are also age penalties, with older Americans paying up to three times what others pay.  We were told there wouldn't be premium discrimination.

These are just a couple among many examples in which we've been deceived by the Senate cheerleaders.  There are individual mandates (with a huge fine if you don't buy a policy), but little asked of insurance companies.  There are annual limits to coverage, which we had been told would not be in the bill.  The ability for women to receive biologics has been severely crippled by the deal the WH cut with PhRMA.  The bill has descended into Mitt-Care, the failed Massachusetts health care plan, ushered in by right-winger Mitt Romney.

It's important to note that Dean isn't calling for an end to the effort.  Instead, he calls for focusing on the House version and pushing it through reconciliation.  

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Rahm & Barry insisted on keeping this liar in the Democratic caucus. He's their problem and if they can't bring him around then let HRC fail.
Without a public option or a medicare buy-in, the individual mandate is a tax on the working poor and a windfall for the bloodsucking insurers.

As Howard Dean said tonight there is not enough left to make this bill worth the hits D's will take for taxing the poor.

So what's the next step?
I agree of course that Lieberman needs to go.  But how, procedurally, could the Senate go to the House version?  If the Crapo amendment sending it back to the finance committee would've jeopardized the bill, then is it possible to start over?  I'm not an expert on this.

I am not sure...
of how this could work.  But, apparently, it is still possibly to use the House bill.  It too is far from perfect.  But at this point it hasn't been as compromised as the Senate version.  

"One person, one vote" died at the hands of SCOTUS, January 21, 2010

[ Parent ]
Either Lieberman has a lot of clout.
Or the Democratic Party is everything of which the right accuses it, specifically the being wusses part.

Lieberman says he'll campaign for Repugs in 2010

"One person, one vote" died at the hands of SCOTUS, January 21, 2010

Just a Thought
These comments are from Linda Bergthold, a health policy expert:

"If you read the whole bill, I think you cannot help but see the good that it will do. 1) Expand Medicaid 2) Train more physicians and nurses 3) Help young adults stay on their parents' plans until they are 26 4) Remove the discriminatory practices of the insurance industry related to pre-existing conditions and 5) Reform the way Medicare pays providers so that payment is related to outcomes not just volume. 6) save money for all of us over time."

"Somehow the petulance of those who would defeat this bill because it is not everything they wanted, strikes me as immature and actually quite selfish. I read the comments that say kill the bill. And all they tell me is that these folks must either have insurance already or they do not give a damn about anyone who does not."

"What passes this year or early next year is only the beginning of the reform process...Social Security did not start out as a strong program. It was strengthened over a period of years by dint of hard work and, yes - behind the scenes work."

There's real wisdom there, especially the last comment. That's how social progress is step at a time.

I said nothing about
doing nothing.  Instead, I said we should turn to the House bill.

"One person, one vote" died at the hands of SCOTUS, January 21, 2010

[ Parent ] is another thought

Dismissing the angry left as little more than petulant children will yield all the success that compromising with Republicans has produced.

No matter which way HCR ultimately ends up, the message from Democratic leadership is now clear; your lack of importance is in direct proportion to how far left you are from Joe Lieberman.  So take comfort in your smugness; you'll need to make it last.

[ Parent ]
Bergthold couldn't be more irresponsible, insulting, ignorant, misinformed or politically tone deaf
As currently configured this bill imposes a tax (individual mandate) on the working poor and middle class with no control on the minimum benefit package or dollar cap on the premia that these people have to pay for junk policies.

Ban on annual limits are gone.

Folks with preexisting conditions get charged higher premiums.

Older folks get charged 3x younger folks.

States with strong consumer protection provisions get undermined by the feds allowing sales across state lines without conforming to the higher standards of the states with strong consumer protection laws and ordinance.

Families will be forced to spend up to 22% of their income on health care premiums.

Obviously Bergthold doesn't care about those folks.

Does Ms Bergthold work for insurance companies or one of their front organizations.

Howard Dean is right this bill is the insurers dream.

We never should have relinquished single payer.  Health insurers have no legitimate reason to exist.

But Dr. Dean's analysis is "immature, selfish"

Incrementalism has never gotten us anywhere. Social Security and Medicare are fundamentally unchanged from their original adoption.  In fact Medicare and Medicaid were a compromise for a single payer proposal.

Ds will get killed next November for imposing a new tax on the middle class to benefit bloodsucking insurers if this bill passes.

There is no wisdom here. Only capitulation and sycophancy.

[ Parent ]
Vis: The White House deal
with big PhRMA... Here's an interesting article on the subject:

And vis getting things straightened out/improved during the House/Senate reconciliation process... I've heard that the bill which comes out of the reconciliation cannot be amended, but can still be filibustered in the Senate, since both chambers will have to vote on the reconciled version. And, if it can be filibustered, it will be filibustered; Joe Lie and Nebraska's Nelson-choke-hold can be counted on throwing sand into the gears, for whatever rationalisation de jour they can come up with.

It looks to me like we're screwed no matter what...

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