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For Dick Armey, When All Else Fails, Hire a Mob

by: KathyinBlacksburg

Mon Aug 03, 2009 at 21:36:55 PM EDT

( - promoted by teacherken)


Americans, 72-76% of them, want health care coverage that is universal, can't be denied, can't be canceled, and has a public option.  Now the Republicans have figured out how to silence them.  Using their best tricks from watching too many Godfather movies, or maybe just the House staff who shut down the 2000 vote recount, they resort to mob tactics, thuggery, threats, and intimidation.  Makes ya really proud.

Town hall ambushes are rolling out all over America.  The health care industry has hired Astro-turf staffs in in 30 different states to disrupt and shut down town halls and all public discussion about health care reform.  Watch tonight's Rachel Maddow show when the video comes out.  In scenes distinctly reminiscent of the GOP shutdown of the recount in 2000, congressman after congressman gets shouted down by dial-a-mob transported from state to state, bussed in to harass, intimidate and silence.  

KathyinBlacksburg :: For Dick Armey, When All Else Fails, Hire a Mob

One congressman had to be escorted away by 5 police officers.  This is the state of things. This is what the health industrial complex has wrought.  Think Progress reports that the same organization, Freedom Works, headed by Dick Armey, that organized the faux tea parties, is involved.  Read about it  here.  And behind the scenes are the infamous Dick Armey and his Freedom Works, which promotes the antithesis of freedom.   Also part of the scene is the ironically named Peter Peterson's Americans for Prosperity.  Yeh, we prosper when one million people a year file for bankruptcy, overwhelmingly due to medical bills.

Think Progress has found documents instructing people on how to "rock the boat," by shouting down members of Congress and anyone wanting health care reform.  Welcome to America at the hands of the Republicans.

I do not know about you but I am sick and tired and I am not going to take it anymore.  These individuals cannot be allowed to shut down discussion of health care options or voters' communication with their representatives.  Nor can they be allowed to use brute force to shut down positive change.  I do not know about you, but though only a few hours ago, I was ready to give up on health care (and hence what I thought was my last rant on the subject), I am not done.  Not even close.  Please join me in keeping the conversation alive, no matter what the thugs try to do.  One more thing, I recommend letters to the editor so that Americans know who is behind this, that this disruptors are out-of-town plants, and that they should not be construed as legitimate local opposition.

Thanks.  And onward.

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Americans for Prosperity is funded primarily by the Koch family (i.e., oil).  Freedom Works is a health care industry astroturf.

"One person, one vote" died at the hands of SCOTUS, January 21, 2010

I try to keep up with your diaries...Keep It Up!

Keith Olbermann's "Special Comment" tonight was incredible, and hungry coyote at daily kos has a embed.  If you haven't seen it you should!

Got both shows:
Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann

"One person, one vote" died at the hands of SCOTUS, January 21, 2010

People for the American Way is organizing to stop the thuggery.    More later.

"One person, one vote" died at the hands of SCOTUS, January 21, 2010

in Charlottesville Perriello is changing it up a bit because of the freaks.

Tuesday, Aug. 11 @ 6-8 pm, MLK Performing Arts Center, Cville High School:

Tom In Your Town is a chance for constituents to meet one-on-one with our congressman to discuss policy issues, give suggestions, or to get help with federal programs like Medicare, Social Security, or veterans' benefits. All constituents are invited to come by anytime during the time period and sign in. Meetings are first-come, first-served. After the constituent meets with the congressman, staff members will be there to follow up with any concerns.

Sandbagging the Teabaggers: In anticipation of the "teabaggers" who have been showing up to heckle Tom at various places, if you'd like to show them that Tom has plenty of support, come to the MLK Center 15 minutes early to get a sign and armband and show your support for Tom! To volunteer: Donna Goings:

And it looks like they'll be ready for the idiots that show up.

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