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Or, Are You Just Hostile...
Just asking. Are you just a mite too hostile yourself to make an unbiased judgment about anything? Watch out...your biases are showing...

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I wasn't the one who cast judgement
You were the one to say and present a challenge
Your analogy can't stand the light of basic reason.

Perhaps you made your comment as a day-late April Fool's joke.

so, I called your bluff and gave examples of what happens when entities merge, and I used the medium of the blog, journalism to illustrate my point. Then I cited how newspapers and blogs have similar rules, and that a decline in quality happens when people do such and such. The dye however, had already been cast as a merge, when I made my comments. I did not say-let's merge, other people did.

Also. I think my criticism is rather constructive. An editor's picks shows people are going out of their way to to say here's why you should read BlueCommonwealth, because we have editors that love their job and are dedicated to serving you quality reporting. What is hostile about that?  That's the main outline any business is founded by.  I work at a grocery store, sometimes a manager or another higher up co-worker, will say, "Brian could you get a mop on aisle 3" or "Brian, could you check the ladies bathroom". So I clean the bathroom and I clean the aisle in question. So that the paying customer will want to come back and buy from us because they have people there that go out of their way to make sure its clean, germ free, and have quality standards so the person doesn't step in filth.  I worked at a Home Depot, and it now has birds living in it. Magruders, went down hill because they allowed animals to populate the store.  But to each their own, if you enjoy Yellow Journalism , and people not caring how readers look at them, then maybe you're the type of person who enjoys buying damaged fruit, and past due milk.  More power to ya.

I do wonder why you attack my post, but say you're right , to cycle12?  He basically said the same thing, that I'm say, only in a more condensed version.   Paradox13 also took aim at the decline in quality, post RaisingKaine. Are you attacking him too?  Or is that caustic wit when you say "thanks yourself?"

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