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Come ON
Jane's question: Right now, police and firemen can't organize. Twitter question: would you support collective bargaining for public employees.
Moran: Yes, and I have supported candidates who do so as well.
Deeds: Gov's duty is to protect the public; I always voted for "meet & confer" legislation. Support and will sign as gov.
Terry: We all agree! Plus: Lots of unions have endorsed me.

OH PULEEEEEZ. I have met with Deeds on a number of ocassions as a former union organizer for public sector. He never endorsed meet and confer as didn't both Warner and Kaine. The VA AFL-CIO and other unions dumped millions of dollars into all of their campaigns for the promise of meet and confer. One can only hope that the AFL and VA unions won't be so STUPID as to dump any money into the Virginia gubanatorial race this year.

COME ON. A Virginia governor isn't going to stand up for public sector workers. Not now, not ever in a right to work for less state. Hell, can't even get Warner, Webb or Kaine to endorse EFCA. The campaign money needs to be CUT OFF. Deeds and Moron are too entrenched in Richmond to stand up, Terry may have the cahonnes to stand up for state workers, I don't know.

Terry has a grip on the fact this is a one term opportunity
He has nothing to lose if he does the right thing. Beyond the fact there is no indication of aspirations for office after being governor, he has always followed through on his obligations. He really is a loyal guy, as hard as that can be. And, he is just edgy enough to make this a point of emphasis with the support he has received.

I'll endeavor to ask him about this Friday at his Norfolk Town Hall on the economy and jobs.

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[...] no indication
of aspirations for office after being governor [...]

you say. And I haven't seen any aspirations for office before, either. Is McAuliffe simply a slightly more energetic version of Caroline Kennedy, then? A golden, privileged child, struck by a sudden whim?

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Hope that works for you...Terry comes from the great privilege of loving parents
Read his book, do some research, meet Terry.

He is the genuine article. I did not come to this opinion without overcoming serious reservations. He is stepping into a vacuum that was going to be filled by Taliban Bob and is battling against historical precedent.

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He's got everything to lose
He thinks he can get into the governor's mansion, look over at the General Assembly, and say "let me show you guys how it's done."  Think they're all going to sit back in awe at the breadth of his vision?  So far I haven't seen much evidence of these specifics he claims to bring to the table, just a lot of generalities about education - it's good; energy - it's good, too, especially if it's clean, but he's not saying he'd be totally against the Surry plant as long as it brings jobs; and lots of positive feeling - positive makes us all feel good.  

He has a tendency, which I've noticed in his book, of making himself the "go-to" guy in anecdotes and examples.  He's supremely self-confident, but his self-confidence appears to lie mostly in his belief that he can talk anyone into anything.  It's not founded in his deep knowledge of a particular subject or process.  It's about his belief in the power of his own personality.  Even the answer he gave about how to attract business to Virginia focused on how he was going to go all over to every business and just talk businesses into investing in Virginia.  

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