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I'm a Terry supporter
so I'm biased, but his answer on education, connecting education investment to prison reform and state budgeting issues is just good.  just good.

it's a guy with good ideas, solutions and not ideologically driven.

When he goes up against McDonnell, that distinction will ring true.  McAuliffe will be all about smart solutions and clear-headed, big-idea vision.  McDonnell will be exposed as the radical ideologue that he is.

Yes, yes. We should all draw great comfort
from the glib way Terry constantly directs attention back to his 130 page opus, never delving into specifics, and reiterating endlessly that he's about jobs, green energy, and big ideas.  Lots and lots and lots and lots of big ideas.  Huge, gigantic, mega ideas.  Woohoo!  More big ideas than EVER before seen in Virginia!!  Yes, no sweat.  He'll have absolutely no problems with our General Assembly.

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