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A Day for Love, Not Hate
It is disgraceful that the First Amendment gives that psychopath and the accomplices he has at his "church" the ability to manipulate love and grief for his perverted hatred. However, that is what freedom sometimes means.

I would love to see a demonstration of love and reconciliation be held at the memorial on the Drill Field, open only to those who want to celebrate the healing that has taken at Virginia Tech since that horrible day.

You are absolutely correct about people not doing anything to draw more attention to the madman. Unfortunately, the media - especially television - will love the chance to get visuals of the vitriol and craziness. After all, we both know how the media loves conflict and hate, and getting good video of them. Just think of all the coverage that has been given to the "Tea Baggers."

April 16 is my birthday, a day that only had good memories for me...until April 16, 2007.

I'll be remembering the entire Tech family on that day...for the rest of my life.

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