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Tech Degree vs UVa Degree
I don't want to start a rivalry here, but I would contend that a ME degree from Virginia Tech is light years better than the same degree from UVa.

Cuccinelli did get a law degree from George Mason. That may explain his obsession with the safe sex and date rape conference at GMU. He couldn't stand his alma mater actually discussing S-E-X.

My problem with the wingnut is his ability to park his common sense somewhere while he delves into his strange obsession with other people's sex lives. Plus, he doesn't seem to understand that the Civil War ended his thoughts that nullification isn't dead and buried with my Confederate ancestors.

How anyone in Virginia could have voted for this second-rate mentality is beyond me. The next time people say that "X is not good enough for us to work for" should remember what we got in November 2009.

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Good points, Elaine. And it happens that I'm 1/4 Wahoo and 3/4 Hokie.
My twin brother (who lives 5 miles from Va. Tech) and I attended what's now UVA at Wise (formerly Clinch Valley College of the University of Va., a two-year college that was commonly referred to as an extension of UVA back in our College freshman school year of 1958-1959. So, for us the "rivalry" is within our heads. The point here, though, is that the ME courses at UVA and Va. Tech were identical, even with the same text books, and I must emphasize with the same high quality of education, even though on the national level Tech had a somewhat better reputation because Va. Tech had and still has a much greater range of engineering curriculum choices. But my basic point is that the professors were equally well qualified, there just weren't as many elective choices.

But now that we have a GOP-controlled General Assembly and a GOP Governor bent on destroying Virginia's superb higher education system, not to mention our K-12 education system, we are at risk of both of these great Va. public Universities falling to the levels that would make them both equal to not just each other but to state supported Universities of other states whose students too often graduate with a degree that will make it very difficult for them to find employment. I fear if we the political activists fail in our duties that within a generation we will see Va. college graduates who are functionally illiterate and our public Universities no long able to be accredited. That may seem too extreme, even in the category of GOP fear-mongering, but we are already seeing the damaging effects of draconian education budget cuts with thousands of teachers laid off, etc. Restoring the minimum acceptable level of state funding for education will take a sea change in the political climate in Virginia, and this disastrous anti-education cycle will take a generation to reverse.

We must start that reversal now by working as hard as we know how to elect/re-elect good progressive Democrats to Congress, build on that resulting momentum next year in Va. state and local elections, and  continuing to build on those successes if we can achieve them on to the 2012 Presidential and Congressional elections.

We do still have much hope, and we know and accept that we have much work to do. But we must not and I believe will not fail to answer the call to duty. We've done it before and we can, must and will do it again.


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