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The Threats
Of gun violence are really disturbing.  That, and my confidence that someone, somewhere will actually pull the trigger have me freaked out as well.

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And Virginia Wants These People To Be Armed in Bars!
And the so-called "representatives" in Richmond just passed - and Gov. Wimpy will surely sign - a bill that will allow people, including hate-filled bigots out to kill, to carry concealed weapons into bars.

I still remember the time a few years back when a psycho bigot went into a gay bar in Roanoke and killed several people. Now, people like that can hide their gun(s) and not give themselves away immediately.

Sick, sick.

If the NRA ever got its way and got a law to allow guns on college campuses, imagine how terrible that would be.

We don't live in the wild West anymore.

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Guns and alcohol and cars...
the unholy troika, when hitched together.

But it's nothing new. Many years ago, before it decided to try and cater to "upscale" clientele, our Kroger had a section where beer was displayed from the floor up to about chest level and, above it, were shelves with magazines... on guns, motorcycles, car-racing, body-building, etc. All those "manly pursuits". The grouping, the conjunction of those "manly pursuits" with the invitation to drink, had my eyes out on stalks in pure disbelief. But, nobody else seemed to think it odd.

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