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"Tea Pots" Are Frightened, Ignorant Bigots
These people, for the most part, are afraid. They use their willful ignorance of fact as a weapon to reinforce their fears and their prejudices.

They are terribly afraid, metaphorically trembling with confronted with anything that is not familiar and like them. Scared to death of gays and lesbians. Terrified of foreigners and Muslims. Frightened about helping others because they believe in hoarding for themselves. Absolutely horrified that a Black man sits in the Oval Office.

They must have learned to hate the "other" at a very young age.

Their ignorance and fear reminds me far too much of the sorts of emotions that allowed Adolph Hitler to come to power.

None of us should stand idly by while these people vent their poison. At the same time, we must never forget the lesson of Dr. King. At all costs, we must not become like the enemy.

Tea cups
more than tea pots, it looks like. There was a poll on Teabaggers making the rounds of some blogs today, which had it at 55% women to 45% men. Which surprised me at first -- I'm not one who believes that the female of the species is more vicious than the male -- but then I remembered post-communist Poland, as it was turning to the unbridled religious wingnuttery... There, it was the female of the species, too, that was the loudest. Indeed, the whole movement got named "The Grey Berets", because of the age and the perms.    

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