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I am glad I finally saw Tutu's words
normally on a Friday morning I would have looked at the various op ed pages before heading out.  My commitment to my volunteering meant I arose very early, and left home without my normal perusal.  When I returned I had only sufficient energy to write about what I had experienced.

Perhaps that was better.  After two days of volunteering perhaps I was more ready to read Tutu's message.  I cannot say for sure.

What I can say is that having read them, I felt I should make an effort to make them better known.

That is the purpose of my posting.

Should you choose to do nothing but read, I will not object.  Should you respond otherwise, I am grateful, even if the words you may offer challenge what Tutu has said, or my interpretation of and gloss upon his words.


This is my world and welcome to it

this is crossposted from the Great Orange Satan
where it went up shortly after 1 AM.  That is, both the diary and the comment, which served as the tip jar.

I cross post here now because I think in a Commonwealth where we have a statewide elected public official who seems to have more in common with some of the African figures (political and religious) who are the targets of Tutu's chastisement, it is relevant to our time and place as well.


This is my world and welcome to it

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