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Montgomery Cnty MD has a policy that if followed
would have meant the teacher would not have taken the action of removing the child from the classroom, and the student would not have been subjected to ridicule.

I can think of many districts in the Old Dominion that would lack such a policy, and in which a teacher might well be subjected to discipline if s/he did not make students stand.

Heck, even in my own school I have had discussions with Social Studies teachers - who should know better - about this.  The understanding is simply lacking.

We cannot afford to have understanding of basic rights lacking, or those basic rights begin to lose meaning.

This is my world and welcome to it

Some Students More Aware Than Some Teachers
Before I retired from teaching English in Botetourt County (not exactly a liberal part of the state), a few students became aware of the fact that the county policy of having everyone stand and say the Pledge at the start of 1st period was not constitutional.

A few of them decided to sit quietly and dare anyone to try to make them stand or repeat the Pledge. I know of no one who was punished or ridiculed.

Some of the other students thought the "rebellion" was funny. After a few days the "protest" faded away.

The "protesting" students had listened carefully in their government classes. They had learned that the Barnette case had protected the freedoms of Americans, even in a time of war.

It's too bad that there are ignorant people today who would sell their freedoms for a bowl of patriotic porridge.

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