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Here are a few more issues I now have......
There are Democrats who believe that traffic tickets are enough to bar a felon from getting his rights restored.  Furthermore, it is a lot of small details that are bothering me that is being over looked.  First, no one is an "ex-felon" and I'm sorry if that offends anyone but it is the legal truth.  It is something that you have to carry around for the rest of your life with the best example of that being on a job application you'd have to check (If asked) have you been convicted of a felony.  I know that traffic tickets doesn't appear to be a major things to most people they are there because they serve a purpose and if the laws aren't enforced then safety will decrease. Technically, a violation is a violation where you come in contact with the judicial system.

Also, even though you didn't know the Kaine considered traffic infractions "blemishes" on one's to prevent someone from getting their rights back unfortunately that is the case and there's nothing anyone can do about it.  The Governor is not discriminately applying his policy/criteria to certain people but all of those in your situation with traffic offenses.  Even though it's "sad" it's the current policy. There are ways to get around that by amending the constitution but that hasn't happened yet.  I am not surprised that we still have this on the book because Virginia is one of the most conservative states when it comes to criminal justice issues and this falls under that through convicted felons.  Also, with the amount of felons who have gotten their rights back they didn't experience this problem with traffic infractions.

Finally, it doesn't really matter what other states do. It is their sovereign right to choose what rights felons have and don't have to be influenced by others.  A perfect example of this will be when certain death penalty legislation is passed and signed even though other states are abolishing it or attempting to.  If a state's legislature or Governor decided to change their law to one similar of Kentucky then again it is their right as a state.  Those legislators or Governor's will have to explain and justify their actions to the voters come election day.

You're missing the point entirely.
The "policy" of denying applicants due to traffic tickets is actually just a bureaucratic process, not a law.  It's not in the VA Constitution.  It may not even be written down.  There's not "nothing anyone can to about it."  The Governor can very easily change it because the process is up to his sole discretion.

I'm not asking for special treatment, I'm asking for Kaine to change this policy.  That's the very least he could do.  The most he could do is issue an Executive Order restoring rights to all convicted felons who have completed the terms of their sentences.

It's surprising how everyone is playing judge,jury and executioner with varying opinions on what someone should or shouldn't have to do to get their rights restored.  It just underscores the problem of how arbitrary the whole process is.

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