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In the long run,
it's the captain who makes the final decisions.

Hillary (Clinton) had a lousy crew which, IMO, ruined her campaign and cost her the nomination. But, in the long run... She picked them. It was she, who didn't have sense enough to stop listening to them and following their cockamamie "advice". As I saw her campaign implode, I was pretty sure that giving her an even larger ship to command was not the right solution.

Same's true here. Petts may be an idiot, whose ill advice cost Deeds the election. But, in the long run... It was Deeds' judgment which was lacking, when he followed that advice.

I still like Creigh as a person. And he was my choice in the primaries because I was sure he was the only one to have a sliver of a chance in the general election. Also because I thought that he'd be a good Governor (not just the lesser evil), should he win. But then there was the "I may opt out" on the healthcare and the "holy coal" ads... And now, this, which explains his "disarrayed" campaign... Poor judgment in choosing your crew suggests poor judgment overall.

Not but... I'll still watch for McDonnell's every misstep and rub it into every passing republican face :)

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