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So, how should Deeds do it?
I've talked to dozens of undecideds, and lots of them are under the impression that Deeds will raise taxes - which is a turnoff for them.  I usually respond that: a) he hasn't said he'll raise taxes, he's just keeping all options on the table, and b) the argument that if you want something, you'll have to pay for it.

I think if Deeds really wants to talk taxes, he should explain just how much it would cost per Virginian to fund our transportation projects.  My guess is that it wouldn't be an unreasonable amount.  I haven't met anyone that's being taxed to death here.  

I also agree that the anti-Bob campaign is not going to be enough to put Deeds over the top.  Creigh is going to have to get more aggressive but also more substantive.  

If he's going to go negative, then maybe more emphasis
on the plan to dip into the general fund.  I think the ramifications of McDonnell's proposals have to be more starkly presented.  There should be more blunt talk about the challenges facing Virginia, especially in transportation.  Creigh should emphasize that this crisis has to be resolved or else we're all in trouble, and he can emphasize that there are a number of ways to fund these repairs.  He should also meet some of McDonnell's proposals head-on.  McDonnell is acting as if selling all the ABC stores will miraculously provide the funding needed.  How is that possible?

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Unreasonable amounts
I think it depends on the problem you are trying to solve.  If it is just to match federal dollars or maintain the existing infrastructure, that is not a lot.  And I think most voters equate reasonable to perceptible.  To really put a dent in congestion though, that would be well above the perceptible threshold (based on the last estimate we have anyway).  

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