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I agree that this campaign is going to be run on Virginia, not national, issues. And that's as it should be, since Deeds, Wagner and Shannon aren't running for US Senate, but for Virginia offices. But, are you also suggesting that we should shun any and all help from the national sources? Like, say, having Obama spend a couple of weekends here, campaigning for "our team"?

I don't think we're likely to get much financial support (which McDonnell is going to get by the boatload)... While the Dem Senatorial and Congressional money-gatherers have outdone their Repub counterparts (as they have been doing for a while), the national branch isn't doing half as well as its Repub nemesis. So, no money from that source, or not much, even with Kaine as the head. Don't know what the story might be with the VA's "top"; they might be saving their cash for lower-rank races. But, I think, Obama campaigning for us would be worth more than money. Especially if Deeds does have a deficiency when it comes to blacks (as seemed evident during the primaries and seems to be confirmed by the endorsement mentioned in teacherken's posting).

Does anyone know, BTW, what his problem with blacks is?  

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