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I just got polled by this organization...
After the initial questions, the caller got to the "some people say" questions that were long and one sided. I asked her who was paying for the call. She said that she would get to that at the end of the call. I told her, the questions were long, drawn out and slanted.
I told her I would not continue answering as when I did answer she asked if I could be persuaded to change my answers. I told her I did not want to continue because if she could not take down my preferred answer, why should I stay on the line.

I wonder at geographical distribution
and demographical disrtribution of this poll, that is: all-Virginia, just certain groups or locations? Good show, linda b. They seem to have lost all pretense of "neutrality" and are already deep into persuasion.

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Well if it's the same poll I got, then it was fair......
Yeah it included slanted message-testing questions, but the poll I got didn't even name Creigh Deeds in those questions.

As I noted above, some of the slanted questions were sooooo one-sided that I question their usefulness to the Bad Guys.

And the "some people say" questions provided slanted choices for either side of an issue, so they were balanced that way.

Ultimately I don't know if linda b was given the same poll as I, and maybe she wasn't, but it's hard to believe the RNC (linda indicated it's the same organization) would run two different polls simultaneously.

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