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This poll
sounds almost identical to the one I got shortly before the primaries, with three exceptions:
1) I never found out who was conducting it, because my husband answered the phone first and all I heard was the young lady asking for me by name and her bona fides just flew past my ear. When I asked her, later on, whether she was polling on behalf of McDonnell, she said "no ma'am,we're a private firm". And I wasn't smart enough to press the issue.

2)Mine took longer than 15 minutes; closer to 30. But that was because, after the first couple of questions, I asked her to slow down a tad, since I'm a) not as young as I used to be and, b)English isn't my first language. She was very obliging aaaannnnd ssssloooowed dooooown a whoooole loooot.

3) The few semi-push-polling questions (would you be more or less likely to vote for a candidate who...) were all aimed at taking down Terry McAuliffe, not Deeds.

I was surprised that she even continued to ask the questions, since I told her, early into the interview, that I was going to vote for Deeds. But, obviously, the poll had been put together based on the early indications of McAuliffe's "invincibility" and they were still hoping for his win. That may also account for relative weakness of the line of attack they tested out on you. By June 9, they had done tons of oppo work on McAuliffe but none on Deeds and have to scramble now to catch up. The attacks they tested out on me would have resonated with more readers, because those issues were being discussed in many papers, including WashPo and NYTimes. Now, their cake is dough again; they have to dig up something on Deeds, and there's less to dig up. One of the reasons Deeds was "my guy" from the start...


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