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Push poll or not,
Some of those questions seemed  very leading, especially the one where "'the candidate' did such and such to change state ethics laws to do politicking while he was a State Senator."  That's what I think DCCyclone's point is here.  The questions are designed to manufacture an opinion.  As we saw with John Kerry, you can take one aspect of a bill that a Senator voted on, and then misconstrue it to mean something entirely different.

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In my experience, this is the way polling works.  In a 15-minute poll, the point is to figure out which lines of attack on your opponent and which statements about yourself garner the most support and the hardest support, which means that they will want to test both a neutral-sounding argument, and the most leading argument they can get away with.  Its very interesting to see which particular arguments they are testing, but I don't think there is anything inherently shady to this particular poll.

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This is exactly the way polling works, especially internal polls (rather than public polls), and both sides do it and have been doing it for years. It's perfectly legitimate and research-driven.

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