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LOTS of questions on those topics, Teddy......
Yes there were questions on stimulus monies, unemployment benefits, budget shortfalls, transportation, etc.  The major contemporary policy issues in Virginia news were queried, often in "do you agree more with the 1st statement or 2nd statement" format, with both statements presented in a favorable light.

Regarding the big "ethics" question that interested me, yes, in fact, I'm convinced they're testing a potential smear campaign, which is why I took notice of it.  It's not something that's been in the news that I can recall, and I follow politics pretty the least it wasn't raised at all in the primary campaign.  That's why I have a hard time later remembering the details well enough to explain the framing cogently here.

I note that there was not any question that named Obama, either tying him to any policy issue in the news or asking more directly about his job performance.  I didn't think about that until just now, but it's interesting that they didn't test Obama at all.  And that tells me they're convinced Obama, at least for now, is clearly an asset for Creigh.

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......and I think I found the "ethics" issue......
See link below or copy-&-paste it, this looks vaguely familiar with the rambling poll question I barely could understand.

Ethics rule change that would benefit Creigh

It's an old issue from early 2007.

If you Google it you can find more stuff on this issue, the resolution of which I haven't looked up.

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The ethics rule change
gambit looks like a possible smear that can be worked, especially by the Rovians, who know so much about ethics, having little themselves. Meow.

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