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A little bit different take
Moran: Definitely had some strong moments; when he shows some passion, he can even, with that Massachusetts accent, sound like some long lost Kennedy cousin.  But I think he really blew it with his negativity, particularly with reading his attack lines right off the page, as Terry rightly teased him for doing.  Some people know how to be negative and come off smelling like a rose, but clearly Brian is not one of those people.

Deeds:  Yes, I like the guy and I wish he would do better, but to say he has some issues with public speaking is a gross understatement.  He almost comes across as if he has some kind of disability, with his halting, unsure, back and forth style.  Somebody needs to lock the man in a room with a speech coach and not let him out until he's permanently coherent.  Also, his campaign and his positions on some issues have been too mushy and lame.

McAuliffe:  I agree that a lot of his answers were superficial, and he spent the most time veering away from the topic, probably because he didn't have a relevant answer to provide.  But he had the fewest cringe-inducing moments of the three.  He communicates things in too simple of a manner for my taste, but I can see where that might sell to a certain slice of the electorate.

Verdict?  Like teacherken, I remain undecided.  These guys all need to polish up their acts if they are going to defeat B-Mac.

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