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A fair enough analysis
and I agree that Deeds came off slightly better than the other two, Moran and McAuliffe, who in some ways made Deeds look the most ready to be Governor of all Virginia---- except that Deeds' public speaking problems may put him at a disadvantage when dealing with smooth-talkin' Bob McDonnell (is that spelled right?).

McAuliffe's ready spouting of statistics shows he crams for his exams just fine. Moran's negativity seemed suddenly to come out of nowhere, as if he despertely wanted to get it in but had not had an opening to do so, so he just threw it out aporpos of nothing actually under discussion (or did I miss something?). I'm not sure how primary voters will react: does this mean Moran has shown that he is the best choice to duke it out with the Republican in the general?

In fact, that's still my real question: which one is the best for the general election campaign? Which one can clean Bob the Republican's clock?

re: Deeds' public speaking problems
are certainly a tad worrisome but...

I remember the first time I saw and heard Jim Webb. My overpowering thought was: "*this* is what we'd be putting against that theatrical weasel (that was before I knew his real name was Macaca)??? We'd be lost, for certain-sure... Yeah, he's as honest as the day is long and that self-effacing mien is kind-of cute and even endearing, but... Where's the punch? Where's the glibness? He's not gonna convince anyone who's not convinced already; he doesn't seem convinced himself. And what's with this ramrod up his backside? I know he's military, but...

The second time I heard Jim Webb -- a month or so later, after the primaries -- he was a whole lot better. No longer the stiff stick worried about his reception, and much more fluent in his answers; obviously, answering the same questions over and over and over again gives one practice.

Indeed, he was so much better, that I thought I could risk dragging my husband to Webb's third appearance in the area. My husband had voted for Miller in the primaries (I didn't vote in the primaries, having no firm opinion either way) and, while prepared to vote for Webb in the general, was not happy about it. But, when we got home from that third appearance, he was as "sold" on Webb as I was (though, to this day, he refers to him as "your Senator") -- Webb was that good by then.

I remember those days, whenever Deeds sounds like he's muddled about what he wants and needs to say. I think that, once he has a clear goal -- annihilate McDonnell -- he'll be up to it. It's having to "sell" himself without doing terminal damage to the other two candidates -- either one of whom he might be expected to support, wholeheartedly, after June 9th -- that's tying his tongue in knots.

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Problem is that Creigh's been in public service for many years
at least 15, right?  Jim Webb was a novice who demonstrated an ability to absorb lessons quickly and turn things around by the end of the election.  His development as a debater was very impressive.  Creigh, on the other hand, does not appear to be able to improve beyond where he currently is.  For whatever the reason he does not appear to be able to step up his game to a consistently good performance.

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On thing Creigh has...
Is "passion" as Ken noted for Virginia.  And yes, while being a good public speaker and being able to think quickly on your feet is important it isn't the main thing.  Even my wife who is not a political fan or follower noted that while Terry sounded more "articulate" she noted that Brian and Creigh just seemed more "genuine" and "connected" when talking about certain issues.  (These are her words, not mine)

And on a little side note, I think we can all attest that being a good public speaker is not a strong necessity for public office.  Can we all remember President Bush? He had a hard enough time forming a complete sentence a good portion of the time when answering non-scripted questions.  

Deeds, Signer and Shannon

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Creigh's had plenty of practice
I have the utmost respect for him as a Virginia legislator and for the passion he brings to the job, and as a person, you couldn't find someone nicer.  However, I've had concerns about his speaking and ability to get a message out while stammering and hestitating.  I've seen him speak in very small groups at local committee meetings and in large, and he's just not consistent or polished.  Seems to get wound up and flustered easily, then trips over his words.  When people don't speak in a smooth manner, one tends to focus on when the next stumble or stammer will happen, and not what they are saying.  I don't think this is going to improve as he spends more time doing it.  Remember, he had an entire campaign against McDonnel to practice in 2005.  I don't expect his style to change.

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