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You know, I read many of these comments before I listened
to the debate, and I must say as a Moran supporter I entered it with some trepidation due to the strong description of multiple attacks by Brian.  However, the reality does not match the description.  In fact, very little of the debate was Brian attacking Terry.  No, the thing that impressed me about the debate was the failure of Terry to provide specifics of what exactly he was going to do to solve problems.  At times he demonstrated a grasp of a particular fact or figure, but much of the time, when confronted with something he could not easily handle such as the redistricting question, he either punted by announcing that everyone was in agreement here, or he simply directed his answer at a question of which he felt more certitude.  He relentlessly returned to his main themes of:  change (we need BIG new ideas, no legislative experience necessary or even desirable), jobs, and energy.  Over and over and over. In other words, he was carefully scripted.  Cheap debate trick.  Moreover, when Brian did go on the attack about some of Terry's more embarrassing moments (witness his attacks on Obama), Terry began to interrupt and argue with him.  This is yet another cheap debate trick designed to direct attention away from the man behind the curtain.

Sorry, Terry's performance was much worse than I expected given the great press he received beforehand.

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You are not the only one who noticed...
Thanks for your comment.  Terry's "performance" reminded me much of the days towards the end of last year's primary when then Senator Obama had already won.

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