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Deeds Tries Tweeting His Way To Victory

by: teacherken

Sat Apr 11, 2009 at 09:14:21 AM EDT

So reads the title of an article on the front page of the Metro Section of today's Washington Post.  Deeds, who was for a while the forgotten man in the 3-way contest for the Dem nomination for governor, is now starting to get some positive coverage.  First there was the news of his cash on hand, almost 50% more than that of Brian Moran, even though for 2/3 of the first quarter Deeds was barred from raising money because the General Assembly was still in session.  And now he gets featured in the paper that has the greatest reach in NoVa.

Let's take a look at the article:

teacherken :: Deeds Tries Tweeting His Way To Victory
Talking about Creigh's outreach to what the piece describes as "the TwitterBerry set" the author writes
Deploying the newest tech tools is old hat in the modern campaign, but now Deeds has tapped Barack Obama's text messaging chief and Hillary Clinton's head of social networking to help him make inroads in his run for governor.

Much of the coverage is on tweets the candidate has offered on the music to which he listens as he travels from place to place and as a break from the inevitable and seemingly interminable task of fundraising phone calls:  

"Back into the afternoon routine. Soutside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes keep me smiling and dialing," Deeds wrote in a quickly typed March 30 Twitter post, which was retweeted to his Facebook page. "Back on the road. The Who will provide the sound for awhile then will flip to some Dead," he wrote later.

By the next day he was on to Derek and the Dominos, the Band, the Cranberries and Joe Cocker, and his smiling mug was on Facebook pushing for $25,000 by midnight. His play-by-play in April moved from a soulful rendition of "Wild Horses" by the Flying Burrito Brothers to Lucinda Williams and Marvin Gaye. Yesterday, it was Bruce Springsteen, Merle Haggard and "Pizza Deliverance" by Drive-by Truckers.

"He's fallen in love with the Twitter," said communications director Brooke Borkenhagen. "We've unleashed the beast a little bit with that.

Deeds is trying to reach out to the younger generation, and of course he is also trying to win, and the new tools of technology are an inevitable part of both.  They are part of the overall plan.  Scott Goldstein, who is described as having headed mobile outreach for Obama last year, first worked with Deeds in 1999, and suggests that such mobile outreach can increase the turnout of new voters by 4%.

And the candidate?  

"I'm not really sure you can be too earnest," Deeds said. "Maybe I'm underestimated precisely because of my personality. But I'm rarely outworked. I'm going to look for votes wherever I can find them."
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so how are the other statewide candidates using Twitter?
feel free to add your observations in the comment thread.

This is my world and welcome to it

is essentially using twitter to keep his "followers" up to date with what he is doing on his "barnstorming" tour thus far.  I follow him and Creigh and he is using it more to essentially let everyone know what he is doing throughout the day with a little personal touch that the website itinerary might lack.  He also provides links to articles that relate to him.  I think it's been good with the barnstorming tour thus far, at least from what I can put together.

They are essentially all I follow on twitter for statewide candidates, I'll start following Steve Shannon once he get a little more active with it.

Open Letter to Creigh: Some advice
as the candidate from SW, you might want to give your culture club mojo a little soul beyond just Marvin Gaye.

(On the other hand, the mere mention of Lucinda Williams not only more than offsets the unsettling retro of Joe Cocker, it firmly establishes your Democrat cultural cred and may make you not just the hippest high-ranking official in SW VA but in all of Appalachia. Another thing, as cool as it is to like The Flying Burrito Brothers' version of "Wild Horses," it's much hipper, and more accurate, to call it "Gram Parsons's 'Wild Horses.'" As for Springsteen, the Who, the Band and the Dead, well, great as they were/are, they give you nothing you don't already have, Roger Miller-ish King of the Middle-of-the-Road status, although you do get some avant pop points for Southside Johnny and the Cranberries.)

Now as for adding a little soul to your Ipod inventory, and almost fearful that you might twitter that you're blissing out on Hall & Oates and the Righteous Brothers, have you seen Cadillac Records?

To stay safely retro while also showing at least some daring originality and cutting edge cool, try some Beyonce channeling Etta James, notably her revelatory renditions of "At Last" and "I'd Rather Go Blind."

(All of which is offered in a spirit of more or less tongue-in-cheek fun to a candidate and public official I like very much. Great diary, teacherken. I thoroughly enjoyed this little peek behind an on-the-road-again candidate's steering wheel. I like having an idea of what books, music and films our public officials respond to.)

While Obamas danced to Beyonce version,
I acknowledge my old fogey status by asserting my strong preference for the original by Etta James.   So there.   Of course, I am almost 12 years older than Creigh. . .

This is my world and welcome to it

[ Parent ]
I hadn't listened to Etta's version in several years until...
watching Cadillac Records the other night sent me burrowing into my CDs.

(Hint: I'm something of an older fogey, too, by current standards, anyway, but--Creigh getting into Beyonce's version with it's Inauguration night/Michelle-Barack resonance--you underscore my point and put an exclamation point on it.)


[ Parent ]
Southside Johnny AND the Cranberries...
Southside Johnny AND the Cranberries... Oh, my.  Creigh's tryin'to get to us through our play lists! :-)  But, good one, Creigh! :-)

(PS: Benjamin, as a good Dem, I never did get into Lucinda Williams, though.)  

"One person, one vote" died at the hands of SCOTUS, January 21, 2010

ah, but MCC doing Lucinda Williams is something else
Here is Mary Chapin Carpenter doing Passionate Kisses, and since I am having trouble with the embed, Click on this link and enjoy the music.

This is my world and welcome to it

[ Parent ]
for some more MCC -
check out the backup singers on this song  - watch carefully for their names at the beginning, although if you know your music and musicians, you will recognize the faces.

This is my world and welcome to it

[ Parent ]
Simply cannot go wrong...
w/Emmylou and (West Virginia's own) Kathy Mattea at the same mike :)

And another noteworthy thing about that video: MCC playing a ... Rickenbacker!

Emmylou on Lucinda:

Williams had garnered considerable critical acclaim, but her commercial success was moderate. Emmylou Harris said of Williams, "She is an example of the best of what country at least says it is, but, for some reason, she's completely out of the loop and I feel strongly that that's country music's loss." Harris recorded the title track from Williams's Sweet Old World for her career-redefining 1995 album, Wrecking Ball.

I knew I'd like Blue Commonwealth 2.0 for its political news, insight and general commentary. Imagine my delight when it turned out to be a great youtube jukebox and Ipod inspiration to boot :)

[ Parent ]
Kathy, with Lucinda's recording career, it's all about
Car Wheels on a Gravel Road, doubtless the best, most soulful alt country pop since John Hiatt's almost joyously bleak breakthrough, 1987's Bring the Family (aka "Memphis in the Meantime").

Car Wheels--13 inspired songs and not anything even remotely like a throwaway to be found.

Her voice has soulful, whiskey-ravaged bite, redolent of a late-period Marianne Faithful from the American Heartland.

Being no cultural doctrinaire and no pop-taste Bolshevist, either, I won't say not appreciating Lucinda's own work calls one's Dem credentials into any kind of question, if only because the first thing of hers I got after Car Wheels was so dreadful I haven't purchased anything by her since.

But I will say this, if Creigh had mentioned Lucinda and Hiatt (especially Bring the Family), I might even have been tempted to make a campaign donation now (or soon, anyway).

He'll certainly get one if he makes it past early June (but then so will Brian or Terry).

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