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One Stop Republican Family Values, Fitness, Jobs, and Adult Entertainment Venue

by: Dan Sullivan

Sun Jul 12, 2009 at 23:05:11 PM EDT

Republicans expand the tent with a more open-minded market philosophy. A building carrying the name of the Virginia Republican Second District Chairman and housing the campaign headquarters of a Republican candidate also shelters a boutique, classes for pole dancing in heels, and an escort service. That's "Progress for Your Family."

Carrying on the Virginia Beach tradition of Republicans ignoring the local ordinance restricting the display of campaign signs and joining Bob McDonnell and Ken Stolle in this principled protest of the rule of law, City Councilman Ron Villanueva has posted signs where he set up shop conveniently located in a building with what is likely a well outfitted call center (apparently outcall only, but that works). DO NOT SELECT THIS LINK IF YOU ARE AT WORK OR ON ANY CHILD'S COMPUTER Apollo Productions, an online entertainment service  with this bricks and mortar office, caters to the prurient interests of clients and the proximity allows a potentially symbiotic blending of services for the tenants. It has been a going concern since the 1980's according to one source. Apollo is on the same floor as the campaign office, allowing the association to be discreet if need be. The fact that the service offers both male and female entertainers will undoubtedly curry favor with the growing broad stance Republican following; the righteous right might not be so pleased, but certainly Bob McDonnell's relationship with Pat Robertson can facilitate some kind of absolution or other method of credible deniability.

"I'm shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!" - Captain Renault, Casablanca
Dan Sullivan :: One Stop Republican Family Values, Fitness, Jobs, and Adult Entertainment Venue
Blending aspects of fitness, health, and employment training, one of the businesses in the locale offers a regimen that highlights exercising in heels and features the outline of women kicking it up with the prop of a pole. There is a website referenced on one of the variety of pink signs adorning the building with the more explicit URL: Bad news for that business, the website is no longer hosted. Good news for another entrepreneur with a yen for the combining business with fitness and pleasure: the domain name is available. Nevertheless, with the number of storefronts associated with the business, it must be otherwise thriving.

Now, from the political party that brought you legislation that adds your car to the definition of a bawdy house (no kidding: Thelma Drake spent years working to include vehicles in the definition) this does not present a direct threat of stepping over the line. Certainly nothing unseemly occurs in the building itself. Maybe nothing at all unseemly occurs anywhere. It has to be all fun and games when the website proclaims "No clothes, no problem." In fact, it is an opportunity to do a little word association to enhance candidate name recognition. Services could be named after the sponsoring candidates. Although "I'll have a McDonnell" does not roll off the tongue so well, "Give me a Bolling" or "I'll have the Cooch" could flow naturally with use and they might try "Bob me." The potential for catchy euphemisms is limitless.

Actually, this all fits well with the "Bob's 4 Jobs" motif. There is your fitness center where women can simultaneously lower future health care costs while honing job skills. There is an employer that seems not to discriminate based upon sex or orientation offering a modern online application process. Then there is the candidate's headquarters where progress for families is available on demand. This is potentially a self-sustaining closed system for employment and representation. But as with any idyllic situation, there is always someone with a wrench ready to throw it in the works.

Cross posted at Blue Virginia

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