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Senator Palin?

by: cycle12

Sun Jul 05, 2009 at 09:18:37 AM EDT

In this July 5 article by Bearing Drift's Brian Kirwn:

...he speculates that Sarah Palin may be abandoning her current office as Alaska's governor later this month in order to prepare to run against moderate Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski next year.

This certainly sounds logical and plausible, but do those words necessarily apply to Sarah Palin?

Please stay tuned... thanks!


cycle12 :: Senator Palin?
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Senator Palin? | 5 comments
Further evidence...
...of a possible Sarah Palin run for the U. S. Senate in Alaska next year:


I do realise
that Palin is "different" and "special", but most people announce a campaign for office before quitting their day job, you betcha; it's not really safe to do otherwise, especially given the current economy (and her lawyers' bills of half a mil). And I'm none too sure that being the Hot Chick Quitta from Cold Wasilla is, at the moment, the best qualification for the position of Alaska's Senator. Also.

Besides... None of her (convoluted, as everything she says) hints really suggest Senatorial ambitions; the only -- and still not entirely convincing -- argument for that scenario is that Lisa Murkowski has come out with a condemnation of Palin's announcement/decision, which might be interpreted as a preemptive strike.

But, if she did run for Senate... It would make one wonder whether her motivation is to nail two Murkowski hides to her Lake Lucille home's walls. Lisa Murkowski became a Senator, when her father became the Governor of Alaska -- the one Palin took down...

Huckabee, Rove on Palin
I'm certainly no fan of either Mike Huckabee or Karl Rove, but one has to wonder what Sarah Palin is planning when these two Republican leaders - and admitted fans of hers - come out as critical of Palin's resignation of the Alaska governorship as being "risky" as reported in this July 5 Politico article:

Over the next few days and weeks, it will be most interesting to see how all this turns out, so please stay tuned...



may be a fan but only from a distance. He hasn't given up on his own ambitions for '12 and getting rid of a potential competitor early has to have some charm.

Rove... Rove wants the Republican party to be triumphant, for ever and ever, with or without an "amen". Which it cannot do without the help of the whackadoodles like Sarah Barraquitter -- hence his "admiration" for her. OTOH, just the whackadoodles aren't enough to even secure her the nomination, never mind a country-wide win. Rove's a dedicated, brazen, liar (like so many of them) but not an idiot; he has to be aware that, for every Joe-the-Plumber, whose candle got lit at the altar of Sarah, there was a Jane-the-Homemaker, who went into the privacy of the poll booth, crossed herself, asked forgiveness, and voted for Obama because Palin was simply not acceptable.

So, Rove too, would like to cut Palin off before it becomes too difficult.

[ Parent ]
I can't imagine
she'd want to do all the work required to be a Senator. She can't even handle being a part-time Governor.

Senator Palin? | 5 comments
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