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BREAKING: Palin Punts!

by: cycle12

Fri Jul 03, 2009 at 16:27:31 PM EDT

(Promoted because of the breaking news value - promoted by Used2Bneutral)

This is too good to be true, but it must be...

In this breaking news story: is being reported that Sarah Palin is abruptly leaving her post as Alaska's Governor before the end of this month, presumably to begin preparing to run as the Republican nominee for President in 2012.

Please let it be true...



cycle12 :: BREAKING: Palin Punts!
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Actually, I think it's
not good.  Any candidate who is this bad, but who has even the slightest chance, should terrify us.

Note my article about Jeb Bush and research polling on his chances.

"One person, one vote" died at the hands of SCOTUS, January 21, 2010

Yes, terrified...
Last year, I was terrified that Sarah Palin would be dropped from the Republican ticket in time for them to come up with a credible, viable vice-presidential candidate but, thank heavens, that didn't happen and, as they say, the rest is history...



[ Parent ]
What is really behind Sarah Palin leaving
There must be a big reason why she is leaving; some kind of investigation. She doesn't sound happy in the video as one would imagine a person about to start an early presidential campaign would  be.

Agreed, Hugo...
As Paul Harvey used to say; I'm waiting to hear "...the rest of the story."



[ Parent ]
Welcome to BC, Hugo.
I think you are right.  I think there's more to this than we currently know.

"One person, one vote" died at the hands of SCOTUS, January 21, 2010

[ Parent ]
Good news for the state of Alaska
Sarah is a surprise a minute.  Truly I think the media would be devastated if they lost her as an icon -- so soon after the loss of Michael Jackson!  

It's possible that with her nano-thin skin that she's just fed up with it all, but it would be very rare for anyone who comes close to the White House to give up so easily on the temptation to keep trying again to get it.  It's like that ring in the Tolkein books -- "my precious"!

Tina Fey has it made!
Agreed, "kindler", and one of my favorite comediennes, Tina Fey, should ride this one for all it's worth and for as long as possible!

Just imagine; three or four years of sheer delight while Tina gets better and better at impersonating Sarah.

It's the thing dreams are made of...



[ Parent ]
More to the "story"
Of course, Sarah deliberately refuses to do anything a "normal" politician would do, she's a maverick, remember---- but, isn't the Friday before a major holiday a darned odd time to pull something like this?

I mean, if she were going to run for President for 3 straight years, why spring a major story like that on a traditionally dead news day, a time when worried politicians traditionally slip out a damaging press release they hope will be buried or overlooked due to timing? Something doesn't smell right here. There was even the "blood sport" comment and hints about family time, as in "spend more time with." I know she expected a hard fight to suceed herself as Governor in 2010, and I know it's difficult to run for national office from remote Alaska, but this is bizarre. Maybe a breaking scandal and she wants to get out ahead of the curve? Maybe dear hubby said he's had enough, family values, come home dearie? Hmmm.

Good point, Teddy.
The Fri announcement flies in the face of a strong PR move.  So did she wish to face fewer questions because it was Fri?

I think this will further alienate Republican officials and party regulars, but she'll never lose her base, imho.

"One person, one vote" died at the hands of SCOTUS, January 21, 2010

[ Parent ]
apparently there may be a criminal investigation
go to Al Rodgers' Dkos diary, read down to the update and follow the link

and if she is, put that with Sanford's problems,and remember that he apparently was on short list for VP, although not a finalist the way Pawlenty was.

This is my world and welcome to it

Brad Blog has more on possible indictment


This is my world and welcome to it

"That's not how I am wired. I am not wired to operate under the same old "politics as usual."

She seemed very wired thru-out her speech. She wants to be an influence "outside" the governors office..but not complete her she is looking at a National level influence? More will be revealed.

More will be "revealed"??
I know, she's been warned the Rapture is about to occur, and she needs to prepare herself.

This is really pitiful, I apologize. Enough. (Still, I wonder how Rush Limbaugh is going to blame this on Obama, as he did Mark Sandford's peccadillo, armadillo, whatever).

[ Parent ]
Just took the time to view the whole 7 minute news conference video...

It is an odd performance and strangely defensive.  The message seems to be that she's stepping aside and "passing the ball" so that she won't be a distraction and "millions" more dollars won't be spent on investigations and the like.  And yes, after all those months of unbounded confidence, she does seem rather shaken.

She also says that some may question her timing -- meaning what?  

Agreed that this is not the resignation speech of someone about to run for president.  

If Todd is her closest advisor, then maybe
just maybe the strange resignation is because of bad advice from Todd, who is certainly not the sharpest political blade in the drawer. Would the people of Alaska vote for her if she ran for a Senate seat knowing that she bailed out of the governorship with a year and a half left and a steadily lowering performance? I think not. Will she be a viable contender for any any national office after bailing out of being governor of Alaska? I think not; all of the Republican governors who have been doing a better job than Palin and how have not had sex in foreign countries, public toilets, or cheap hotels will not stand for or respect Palin.

The press will keep her in the spotlight, and we will all be able to say "There she goes again."

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