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BREAKING: FCDC Chair Scott Surovell to Run for Delegate

by: frankoanderson

Wed Jun 24, 2009 at 17:29:00 PM EDT

( - promoted by kindler)

Today we learned that Delegate Kris Amundsen of the 44th District will be retiring, and Scott Surovell will be running for her seat.  I'm not too active in the Fairfax County Democratic Committee, but from what I've seen of Scott Surovell, I don't think this is the "golden opportunity" that the Fairfax GOP was looking for.

frankoanderson :: BREAKING: FCDC Chair Scott Surovell to Run for Delegate
Scott has done a great job leading the FCDC, and keeping the meetings running efficiently.  But the first time I saw him speak at length publicly was the FCDC's Jefferson Jackson Dinner last month.  That's when I saw that Scott is a fighter who really knows how to hit the Republicans where it counts.  

I met the Republican opponent, who doesn't appear to have a website, about a month ago at the Mt. Vernon Farmers Market. I think he should be scared.  He's running on the same old, "Democrats will raise your taxes" talking points.  Scott has lots of ties to the Mt. Vernon community, the support of one of the most active magisterial district committees, and having a popular State Senator as a law partner doesn't hurt either.

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The Republican opponent is Jay McConville
And he's had a website for a few months now:

You'll also be hard-pressed to find a "Democrats will raise your taxes" talking point on the site.

I know his name, silly.
I just didn't want to give him any free recognition.  And when you do a google search of "jay mcconville" or "jay mcconville for delegate," you don't see his site.  And finally on the tax issue, I'm sure he's smart enough not to put something that dumb on his website.

Your right....
You type in his name to any google search nothing will come up.  But eh.....Kris said he was very active on her last opponent's campaign and this is his first run at elected office. Other than that there wasn't too much to really write home about, at least from what she told me.

I'm happy that we'll have a solid candidate because to be honest this wasn't a race that was going to require a great deal of work for us to hold onto.  (At least not as much as some other seats) We all know to regain the HoD we have to maintain out current seats and pick up the others on the targeted list.  

[ Parent ]
Scott's a very sharp, hard working guy
Of course, there's a transition process jumping from being the behind the scenes operator to becoming the public face in the center of the bulls eye.  

Once he masters that transition -- and he will -- I'm sure Scott will become one of our most effective leaders down in Richmond.  He will not be a shrinking violet...

Can't find Jay McConville on Google?
Perhaps I have a different Google search than others but when I put in "Jay McConville" I found that 99 of the first 100 references were related to the Jay McConville who will be elected the next Delegate from the 44th District.  These references included one to his campaign website and one to the Fairfax County Republican Committee website as well as many others speaking about his community involvement prior to his becoming a candidate for delegate.

Who is Scott Surovell?  Yes, he is the past chairman of the FCDC, has the support of his magisterial district committee and his law partner is a State Senator.   And, oh yes, he has lots of ties to his community!  All of this is fine but never forget that we have an open seat in the 44th District and this is beginning to look like a Republican year.  Jay McConville looks to be in a great position to win.

A Republican year?
I accept that challenge.  Bet you a blue donkey doll it won't be!

[ Parent ]
Maybe you just spelled his name right
and that's why he turned up on Google. Personally, I have trouble remembering such things when it comes to the perennial crop of Republican political artistes---- is it Bob McConnell? O'Connell? McDonnell? O'Donald? Who is that guy who wants to be Governor, who looks like just another of those pretty momma's boy country club Republicans? So, is that what we have in the 44th, too? Is it Jay McDonald, O'Conal, McConville, whatsis name? I am sure he is a nice guy, with all the Right opinions, but... I believe we can do better. Yes, we have an open seat. Let the games begin.  

[ Parent ]
Dem took 58% last cycle
Obama carried the district

Warner carried the district

judging by your comment, you probably agree with Rush blowhard that it is all Obama's fault that Sanford went to Argentina, and that Sanford has continued to lie -  saying the decision to go Argentina was an last minute thing when he bought the ticket on June 10, the day his wife kicked him out.

And this is NOT a special election, in which Democratic turnout tends to be lower.  It is at the same time as a statewide election for Governor.

So go ahead, pour your resources into the district rather than defending a couple of others up here that the Republicans may well lose this cycle, and along with them control of the HOD.

This is my world and welcome to it

[ Parent ]
McConville only tie to the community
is running the youth sports league.  Which gets you the demographic about 3 people.  Campaigning hard in his home precinct - the smallest of the district - but the highest turnout - Waynewood.  

Scott's professionalism and knockout knowledge of the districts historical and future issues and trends will run rings around McConville.  Scott went to elementary school for even sakes in the district.

[ Parent ]
I thought this thread was about Jay McConville.  Now, all of the sudden Governor Sanford of South Carolina is introduced as somehow being relevant to a Virginia Delegate race.  Is it so threatening for a Republican to come to the defense of a Republican candidate that it is necessary to change the subject?  Also, it really is a pity that several of you appear to have a spelling deficiency.  FYI, I can remember the names and spell Deeds, Wagner and Shannon.  I won't vote for them but I am not afraid to acknowledge who they are.

I give you credit.....You keep coming back even after Ken puts class into session and takes you to school as was shown in the last Steve Shannon thread.  Also, try to read the Ken's comment a little more closely.

I can't see from Ken's response that he is saying it is relevant to this race.  He is very crystal clear in how he writes and was essentially noting that your comments put you in the same category of Rush.  Rush is someone who would find a way to blame Obama for everything Sandford did. Just thinking of that is so illogical and stupid that it's actually funny.  But then again, I love seeing his little imagine pop on on Countdown every night he is mentioned so he can keep it up!  And as Mo Elleithee said during an interview on CNN prior the the June 9th primary Rush can keep talking because it's only helping Democrats!

Secondly, I'm not sure how you figure this is shaping up to be a Republican year since there are more Republican incumbents who are in jeopardy of losing their seats than Democrats.  The only Democrat with a threatening race is Margi in the 34th but I think Babara is going to have the same problem as Terry did in not being involved in the district until it was beneficial to herself.  Kris's seat was essentially written off by the Republicans this year from what I was told, even though she was not taking anything for granted in the race prior to her retirement.  Scott entering the race is going to bring a lot of volunteers and contacts which will only benefit him and the "late start" some people mentioned will be pretty much nominal considering his opponent really hasn't done much thus far to gain any traction!  Also, Kris is loved pretty much everywhere but definitely within her district so since Scott has her seal of approval I believe he'll be fine.  

Lastly, you note spelling errors.  Sure, some people have typos, errors whatever.  But in all honesty, I'd rather have a few spelling errors than making statements that are so factually wrong that they are easily refuted which Ken was done twice thus far!

[ Parent ]
I'm sure you're the go-to guy for insider Republican information
But you simply have your facts wrong. The 34th will be one of the top races this cycle. So, too, the 67th. And the 35th. The 44th was on many people's radar, even if it was an unlikely takeover; now that it's an open seat, it's up there, too. The 51st with Rich Anderson. The 33rd with Tag Greason. These are all legitimate pick-up opportunities in NoVa for Republicans. We're not going to pick them all up, but I wouldn't be surprised if any of them flipped.

Then you have lower-tier races in the 41st, 43rd, and 46th that the some Republicans are keen of; if a race-changing development occurs there like it did in the 44th, who knows what could happen.

Compare that to the 86th, 42nd, and 52nd for Democrats in NoVa. Yes, part of the reason is because there are so few NoVa incumbents left, but making the number of competitive races your sole criterion and then neglecting several races that the House Caucus is targeting because you either 1) aren't as in the loop as you thought or 2) wanted to paint a rosy picture isn't the best way to frame an argument.

BTW, for people who may respond to me, I'm not going to get into a discussion on the races I mentioned. Agree or disagree (and on this blog, I'm sure you'll all disagree), those are the targets.

[ Parent ]
you can target but doesn't mean u expect to win
Bob Brink basically taunted Republicans to put up a candidate against him.  Living in his district I can guarantee it is a fool's errand for his opponent. Brink is trying to ratchet up interest electorally to help statewide candidates.  I suspect some of Republican targeting is the same way.  

And while I know Republicans will put money into Virginia, because they want to hold one leg of the redistricting triumverate, a lot of national money is going to be sucked up by NJ governor because Christie seems currently to be competitive and Corzine can pour so much money in to what is a very expensive series of media markets.

So far McDonnell has not shown much ability to raise money outside of RGA.  And there will be not only Dem money coming into the state, but also surrogates with drawing power far beyond what any Republican from outside can bring right now.  By himself, Obama is worth more votes for our side across the board than all possible Republican surrogates put together.

I hope you do spend resources on so many races -  if you do, you will spread them too thin to have much of an impact.

Remember, no matter how much Republicans try to change the topic and run on previous themes like taxes and social issues, most Virginians have made it clear they have other concerns, for which too many Republicans seem to know only one word -  "NO" -  which ultimately will be what bites them.

This is my world and welcome to it

[ Parent ]
Yes, we have a candidate in the 48th, too.
Regardless, six races in NoVa isn't "so many races" that spreads resources thin, especially since we're not likely to get all six. However, they remain six legitimate pick-up opportunities.

I don't have an inside ear to each of the six campaigns, but I know for a fact that Joe Murray, Pat Herrity, John Cook, and Frank Fannon didn't run on taxes and social issues. Neither did Tom Davis, nor does Frank Wolf. It seems there is a brand of pragmatic NoVa Republicanism that has developed and found success, and it wouldn't surprise anyone to see Republican candidates in NoVa follow that same model.

Of course, that doesn't stop Democrats from talking about taxes and social issues, trying to paint their opponents into a corner. But someone told me that Virginians have made it clear they have other concerns.  

[ Parent ]
two words: Ken Cuccinelli
who has that tied around his neck.  Oh, and by the way, Bob McDonnell cannot completely get away from it either.  So are firsttime candidates running as Republicans going to run away from the top of their tickets in NoVa, where social issues and to some degree taxes are the kiss of death?

This is my world and welcome to it

[ Parent ]
Where do I start....
Just because seats are open does not makes them pick up solid pick up opportunities but hey, like Ken said go for it!    Maybe the 44th was on people's radar but let's face it...If McConville came asking for money towards the end I doubt they would be giving it to him especially if some other seats were shaping up to be more competitive.  Mark has proven he's an effective fundraiser and I doubt Scott will have any problem as well which in turn will give them the resources they need.  Also, the Democrats have a very solid ticket which will get more people to the polls, especially in Northern Virginia with Steve on the ticket.  So, if the 35th and now 44th are considered some of the "top" races for the Republicans great!

Secondly, I'd like to speak briefly about the coordinated campaigns....You got McDonnell who is trying to paint himself more towards the center (Good luck with that) and with Cooch has officially hit the gas prior to going over the edge of the cliff I'll be curious to see how that plays out.  Cooch is making social issues a center point of this campaign (Marriage amendment, partial-birth abortion, etc) while you haven't heard that mentioned yet from McDonnell or Bolling.  I think if these social issues are brought up by Cooch it'll definitely make voters look at the records of the other two candidates which I don't think they want.

[ Parent ]
Cooch's assignment
even if self-given, is to solidify and energize the hard right base of his party. He will do very well at that. But when that assignment leaks out into the general campaign, the Reoublican candidate for Governor will be forced to rein him in... and good luck with that. IMHO.  

[ Parent ]
The Republicans need a true and vocal nut job to get conservative out to the polls.  I think this same people that Cooch will attract will vote for anything with an (R) next to the name.  So he'll do his job there but like you said this negative reaction to that is moderates and independents will take a look at their crazy positions social issues.  Personally, I don't think a majority of people agree that a woman should be forced to carry a child conceived through a rape or if their lives are endangered from the pregnancy and that's what scares this ticket the most.

Creigh is going to bring a lot of moderates and independents over to his side.  This will help the rest of the unified ticket because since he has always been good with helping other candidates in their races I think we'll see more of the same here.  In Steve's race, he's going to have solid support in Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads to begin with and with Creigh's strength in Southwest I think that'll just keep his margin of victory comfortable.  

[ Parent ]
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