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The protests continue in Tehran UPDATED BELOW THE FOLD

by: teacherken

Sun Jun 21, 2009 at 09:16:45 AM EDT

apparently without fear.  The following video recently posted to YouTube:

teacherken :: The protests continue in Tehran UPDATED BELOW THE FOLD
An amazing video from BBC - no way to embed, but it is well worth your time (less than three minutes) to see the video at this link!!!
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It's serious
when the women disappear and the streets are full of just angry young men. Next, will they seize a television station, or take an ayatollah hostage? Where do they go from here? They are just feeling their way along right now, no plan (beyond demanding a new election). What a brave people.

this is a well thought out plan
Mousavi is a verteran of the '79 uprising and everything he's doing proves it: by splitting the mulluhs and gaining the support of Rafsanjani, by staying in close contact with his followers in cities all over Iran, and by offering himself up as a martyr. Now his backers are calling for a three day mourning period--really a general strike, for Wednesday through Friday. General strikes are what did the Shah in, and I think in a week or so we will see some real movement in budging this fascist theocracy towards moderation, or replacing it altogether. It's remarkable to me how the current government has no compunctions about lying to its people, whether it be the phony attack on the Ayatollah's tomb, falsely translating Obama's message(!),accusing the UK of intervening, or grossly understating the number of casualties (probably more in the range of 40-60 dead). The current Iranian leaders deserve everything the people are doing and more.
Hopefully this historic episode will make other totalitiarian governments (Burma, North Korea, Russia, China etc.) think twice and will inspire their people to demand freedom and justice!

I heard that Mousavi
denied he said he was prepared for martyrdom...? Who knows at this point, what to believe. The BBC tape from teacherken showed what seems to have been a very few policemen, not even dressed in total riot gear, doing a Chinese fire drill, and a surging mob of yelling hooligans, a few running out in front to throw stones, which apparently policemen would throw back. This is a well thought out plan? Unfamiliar as I am with riots, I still say, where do they go from here, other than home?

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not riot policemen Basij Militiamen
who are not very well trained, which is probably why they broke and ran when the crowd pushed back.

This is my world and welcome to it

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