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Primary Day - Results Thread

by: Dave

Tue Jun 09, 2009 at 19:02:11 PM EDT

That's it! Polls are closed! It's 7 PM.

So now, we wait for the results to start trickling in from around our fair Commonwealth.

After a stormy day, stay tuned for what promises to be an exciting evening.

Official results from the State Board of Elections will be posted here:

SBE Results, as of 9:27 PM EDT.

Precincts Reporting: 2,496 of 2,504 (99.68%)
Voter Turnout: 318,174 of 4,959,506 active voters (6.415%)

Deeds - 158,442 (49.79%)
McAuliffe - 84,053 (26.41%)
Moran - 75,679 (23.78%)

UPDATE (Dave) 8:15 PM:
All major news outlets have called the race for Deeds and Wagner.

Dave :: Primary Day - Results Thread
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1 precinct in:
Deeds 7, McAuliife 4, Moran 0.


Deeds leading Russell County
25 votes to McAuliffe's 15 votes. From SBE  

It's not over yet.. but the fat lady's warmin' up
Looks like Deeds & Wagner blowouts.

no, it's over


[ Parent ]
Deeds is winning
pretty much all counties and cities. Virginia Beach, Fairfax, Bristol, Allegheny, etc. The list goes on and on. R.I.P. McAuliffe 2009 and Moran 2009.

[ Parent ]
It's over
Deeds Wins
Wagner Wins

Let's all go drink! (responsibly)

[ Parent ]
Moran Wins...
Alexandria... :)


btw... Deeds wins Arlington.

Wagner Blowout
With ~54% of precincts reporting

Wagner - 73%
Signer - 22%
Bowerbank 4%

Pretty cool Bowerbank pulling some votes even though he bailed in May

60% reporting now...
Deeds 50%
McAuliffe 26%
Moran 24%

Looking through the counties, we're still to hear from places like Bath and Albemarle where Creigh will clean up.

For the Moran camp this is a serious drubbing.

[ Parent ]
Called for Deeds
by WAPO and Nate Silver

I want to
see T-Mac's concession. Will the final piece of the Dean-McAuliffe comparison be true?(YEAAAH!!!!!)

Who'da Thunk?
Who would've thought Deeds would beat Terry and Brian both, 2:1, with the least money and "no base" in Northern Virginia?

This is why he's the right guy to take on McDonnell. Remember that McDonnell outspent him 2:1 to win the AG race. Look what Deeds can do with even 3:2 money on his opponents.

We need to suit up though. It's absolutely critical we win all three statewide offices. The game is now on.

It's Refreshing - Thanks Deeds!
I like Deeds because he's modest and not slick or flashy - it's good to see a decent non-blowhard win for a change.

[ Parent ]
Remarks by Terry McAuliffe


Tonight, the McAuliffe campaign released the following remarks as prepared for delivery:

Thank you all so much.

Well, it may not have turned out how we hoped, but it sure has been quite the ride.

About six months ago, I entered the race for Governor because I love this commonwealth. My wife Dorothy and I made the decision 17 years ago to make Virginia our home because this is where we wanted to raise our family.

And as I criss-crossed Virginia over the past six months, my love for this Commonwealth has only grown.

I've met so many Virginians of all walks of life who are anxious about our economy, struggling to get by.  But their determination and optimism hasn't waned.  They're ready to tackle the challenges ahead.

That's why I got in this race.  To help Virginians.  And I'm so proud of all we've accomplished on this campaign.

I learned one big thing over the past couple of years, and during my time as head of the Democratic Party: Tough, hard competition between Democrats only makes us stronger.

Creigh, Brian, we may have argued about who would carry the flag, but we agreed on the goals. We agreed on the values of the Democratic Party. We agreed on the stakes this fall.

We agreed that we need to carry on in the tradition of Mark Warner and Tim Kaine to keep Virginia moving in the right direction.

Brian Moran has  been a tremendous public servant as a prosecutor and legislator, and I know his  days of public service to this great Commonwealth are far from  over.

A few minutes ago, I called Creigh Deeds and congratulated him on becoming the Democratic nominee for Governor.  And I told him something that I know everyone in this room agrees with.

That he MUST be the next Governor of Virginia, and that I will do everything possible to help make sure he IS the next Governor of Virginia!

Virginia needs Creigh Deeds.

Too many people are struggling today.  Unemployment is ravaging too many of our communities.  Parents are struggling to send their children to college.

We need a governor who is committed to getting our economy back on track and creating jobs.  A governor who understands that we need to invest in the jobs of the future - green jobs, alternative energy jobs.  Bob McDonnell will not create those jobs.  Creigh Deeds will.

A governor who understands that we need to bring people together if we're ever going to come up with a solution to our statewide transportation mess.  Bob McDonnell will not find that solution.  Creigh Deeds will.

We need a governor who has been a partner of Mark Warner and Tim Kaine's so that he can build upon their great work.  Bob McDonnell will not continue that legacy.  Creigh Deeds will.

And, as I said repeatedly throughout this campaign, Barack Obama needs a partner in Richmond.  Bob McDonnell will not be that partner.  Creigh Deeds will.

Bob McDonnell has proven time and again that he is more interested in promoting a partisan ideological agenda than he is in working with people to get results.  He voted against Mark Warner's budget reform.  He worked against Tim Kaine's transportation reform.  He helped block $125 million in federal stimulus money - your taxpayer money that is now going to other states.  His energy plan can be summed up in three words - drill baby drill.

We've seen this approach before.  It was called the Gilmore Administration.  And I, for one, DO NOT WANT TO GO BACK.

Creigh Deeds wants to keep Virginia moving forward.  He understands Virginia.  He's the kind of leader who as a prosecutor, kept his community safe.  Who as a legislator has taken on the tough fights while bringing people together to get results.  He's been a key partner for Mark Warner and Tim Kaine.  And now, he's ready to lead us through the tough times ahead.

But Creigh can't do it alone.  That's why we need to do everything we can to make sure that (Jody Wagner/Mike Signer) is the next Lt. Governor, and Steve Shannon is the next Attorney General of Virginia!

This is the ticket that will keep Virginia moving in the right direction.

This is the ticket that will carry on the traditions of Mark Warner and Tim Kaine.

This is the ticket that will get our economy moving again.

And they're going to do it with all of our help!

Finally, let me thank a few people who have been such an inspiration to me throughout this campaign.

Let me begin with the loves of my life - my wife Dorothy who has been by my side for over 20 years, and my five beautiful children Dori, Jack, Mary, Sally and Peter.  They've put up with a lot over the years, and they are the reason I got into this race.  Thank you for being my inspiration and my support.

Next, I want to thank my campaign manager Mike Henry, and the outstanding campaign staff that worked so hard over the past five months.  You know, I believe that so many of life's experiences are defined by the people that you surround yourself with.  And, let me say this - this campaign team made this the experience of a lifetime.  You've been some of the most dedicated campaign workers I've ever seen.  We may have come up short in terms of votes, but you made me a better candidate, and more importantly, you helped make the Democratic party even stronger going into the fall.  And for that, I'll forever be grateful.

Finally, let me thank the 6,000 volunteers and tens of thousands of people who put in the long hours, made the calls, knocked on doors, and entrusted me with their vote.  I am humbled by your support and faith in me.  I now ask you to help me finish what we started, and put the same kind of blood, sweat and tears into a victory in November for Creigh Deeds, Jody Wagner/Mike Signer, and Steve Shannon.

They're going to lead us to victory in November, and together, we'll make sure that Virginia's best days are ahead of her.

Thank you, and God bless you all.

McAuliffe's concession
Showed a lot of humility and class. I think he's gonna be a great cheerleader for Deeds. I hope Creigh takes the JOBS JOBS JOBS page out of McAuliffe's playbook, and pivots to it every single time.


Let's do it


"I believe that, as long as there is plenty, poverty is evil." --RFK

has already stolen many pages from McAuliffe. Fortunately, Deeds never opposed anything that McAuliffe said and the only criticism I have heard him make is that McAuliffe did not support a request for funds when he chaired the DNC.  So the McAuliffe Deeds relationship is strong and will work well.  Many McAuliffe specialists will support Deeds and fill in the gaps, so we will keep McDonnell far from the mansion....

Do all the good you can
By all the means you can
In all the ways you can
In all the places you can
At all the times you can
To all the people you can
As long as ever you can
John Wesley

[ Parent ]
Centrist ideological vote?
High negatives (anti-Terry) vote?

Pragmatic vote? (Smart VA Dems looking for a fall winner)

How do those factors interplay in and allow for interpretation of this result.

Then here's the regional breakdown, of course.

Looking forward to everyone's analyses.

Let's make government work for us
What a Creigh Deeds/Jody Wagner/Steve Shannon ticket tells me is that the core of the Virginia Democratic Party wants a state government that can solve problems and make things work again.

Virginia, like the rest of the country, is scared, but not panicked, by the economy.  We are tired of politicians posturing and getting in the way.  We want a government that is big enough and strong enough to help us solve our problems, though not so big as to dominate us.  We may not even mind paying more in taxes if we think it is going to help with the solution.  

I would hope that the Democratic ticket would poll-test a few messages (inartfully phrased, and not well thought-out).

First, I think we can run against the Republican House of Delegates.  Creigh's bill for bi-partisan redistricting -- which wasn't even allowed out of committee by the Republicans -- is one of those issue that in most years would draw a yawn, but this year might resonate.  We are still mad about the Republican Congress, and George W. Bush, and legislative gridlock.  Creigh and Jody and Steve can talk about working with everyone, good government, etc. and offer a solid contrast that will not only let us say to McDonnell/Bolling/Cucinelli that it's your fault, but will also give us a platform to run statewide against the Republican members of the House of Delegates.  Gubernatorial candidates are notoriously unwilling to do that because they know they won't get any help from the legislature on their bills, but if the Republicans are determined not to give any help anyway, what is there to lose?  

Normally good government and League of Women Voters style messages don't make it in the general election, but this year may be different.

Second, I would be curious to know some nuance on how people feel about transportation.  We know generally that they want more roads built with lower taxes.  The question that is usually polled is some variant of "Do you think we should raise gas taxes by 10 cents a gallon?"  And the answer is always, "No."  But do we know what voters would say to this question? -- "If the only way to raise enough money to solve our transportation problems is to raise the gas tax by 10 cents a gallon, would you favor that?"

Third, Creigh talked in a way that persuaded the Washington Post (because they mentioned it specifically in their editorial) about not pitting one part of the state against the other.  He told the story of talking to someone in a rural county -- Cumberland, perhaps -- and being told, "I don't want to have to have my tax money go to Northern Virginia to build their roads."  And Creigh responded, "Who do you think is paying for your schools?"  A message of "we're all in this together" -- "we're one Virginia" -- of shared sacrifice -- can win.  

As a general proposition, we need to talk to the voters as though we respect their intelligence.  Creigh Deeds is not a Barack Obama on the stump, but he projects a very real warmth and genuineness, and if he talks straight to the voters, he can get that warmth and genuineness across to them.  Creigh's commercial about his mother sending him to college with 4 $20 bills in his hand is touching, and sincere, and is the kind of thing that tells me that voters will like Creigh with minimal production.  

I am excited for the ticket, because Creigh and Jody are both naturals who are smart and who care about Virginia and its people.  I think they will project well on TV, and they will work hard all over the state every day until November.

All it takes from us is our money and our time and our energy.

[ Parent ]
Good news from the 17th District?
Republicans went with Bill Cleaveland, who is not a fundraising powerhouse. He is also from Botetourt County, which is the smallest part of the district. Sounds like good news for a potential win here in November.

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