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Today I voted

by: teacherken

Wed May 27, 2009 at 16:19:24 PM EDT

On Monday I fly down to Orlando to serve as a reader for the AP US Government and Politics exam - that means I will read several hundred copies of answers to the same question while trying to keep my sanity.  I finish on June 8, and fly back the morning of the 9th.  Since flights can always get cancelled, I availed myself of absentee voting at the Arlington Government Center this afternoon.

It was quick

Governor - Creigh Deeds
Lt. Gov - Mike Signer

I've fulfilled my civic obligation.  Now I am going to pester the rest of you to fulfill yours.  Even if you vote for different candidates.  Lets get as many people as possible to participate, so whever our nominees may be, we will know it is the result of broad participation by those who consider themselves Democrats.


teacherken :: Today I voted
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Today I voted | 2 comments
You're not the only one
to pester people :) Most of my e-mails to friends in VA now end with "Please come to vote on June 9. And bring friends with you"

I want to strongly commend Ken for his ...
decision to endorse Creigh and the principled way he did it.

Ken writes here and on Daily Kos. He writes really smart pieces infused with a deeply humanitarian point of view.

Yet, he endorsed Creigh, the least liberal of the three candidates, for reasons that simultaneously embraced idealism (Deeds, in his view, is the nicest person in the race and the most experienced native Virginian politician in Richmond) and pragmatism (as the SW candidate, he may very plausibly be the stronger candidate against McDonnell).

Based on what I read here on the resurrected Blue Commonwealth, I think Virginia Democrats will be more unified this fall no matter who wins the primary.

A lot of that may have to do with the way Ken and Kathy et al have managed this site.

I mean that, too.

You're all to be commended.  

Today I voted | 2 comments
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