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Leslie Byrne Endorses Mike Signer for Lt. Gov

by: Dave

Thu May 21, 2009 at 16:20:34 PM EDT

(I support Mike Signer, but I also think this is generally newsworthy, regardless. - promoted by Dave)

The Mike Signer for Lt. Gov campaign has just announced the support of former congresswoman and previous Democratic Lt. Gov. candidate ('05) Leslie Byrne. Given the blow this week of Arlington Firefighters and Police endorsing Jody Wagner (Signer is from Arlington), this is big news for the campaign.

Campaign press release:

        RICHMOND, VA - The Mike Signer for Lt. Governor campaign is pleased to announce that former Congresswoman and 2005 Democratic Lieutenant Governor nominee Leslie Byrne has endorsed Signer for Lieutenant Governor. Byrne is a Fairfax resident and was the first woman elected to Congress from Virginia. In 2005, she defeated three opponents to win the Democratic primary despite being outspent three to one. Byrne announced her support for Mike on the Capitol grounds, where she served as a long time delegate and senator in the Virginia legislature.

        "Mike has the fire in the belly to defeat Bill Bolling," said Byrne.  "He's a strong progressive who will fight-and win-on the great Democratic values of social justice and economic fairness.  He's done it before, when he was senior strategist to Tom Perriello in his race, and he'll do it again this November."

Dave :: Leslie Byrne Endorses Mike Signer for Lt. Gov

Byrne's statement of support comes on the heels of the endorsement of 26 labor unions and is a clear sign of Signer's momentum just weeks before the election.  Organized labor, a key Democratic constituency, was crucial to Byrne's 2005 statewide primary victory. She pledged to use the full weight of her resources and network to elect Mike Signer in June and defeat Bill Bolling in November.

        "Leslie has always stood up and fought for Virginians and for progressive values," said Mike. "We need to continue this great fight.  I'm running to turn the Office of Lieutenant Governor from a placeholder to a public advocate.  As Lieutenant Governor, I'll take on the systems that are failing working Virginians and their families and shine a spotlight on problems we've ignored for too long."  

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What great news!
I just posted a diary about a fundraiser I'm hosting for Mike.  Hope people show some interest...

Mike announced
Mike Signer also announced Leslie's endorsement at the City of Fairfax J-J dinner at Old Town Hall tonight.

here's the video of the endorsement

This is my world and welcome to it

From the Signer campaign
It’s unbelievable.   My opponent has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and been campaigning the better part of year and it’s still a wide open race.

The latest poll came out today and shows our campaign gaining ground, but 68% of voters are still undecided.

We just picked up the endorsement of the 2005 nominee for Lieutenant Governor, Leslie Byrne, which adds to the list of almost 30 labor unions and dozens of party activists who have publicly endorsed our campaign.    

We are clearly gaining momentum while our opponent is failing to seal the deal. We need to reach these undecided voters!

In just over 3 months, our campaign has gained enormous traction and we know that is because Mike is the only candidate with a message that articulates a vision for Virginia.  He is running to turn the office of Lieutenant Governor from a placeholder to a public advocate and he is talking about where Virginia is going, not where we have been.

The next 18 days are critical.   We only have 438 hours until polls close!  

We need all of you to dig in and help us along the final push.

Please make a contribution today!!  $50, $25, $10, or even $5 (every bit makes a difference).

Thank you all for your support.   We have led in this campaign with the best ideas and the best policies.  With your support, we will reach the 68% of undecided voters and win on June 9th.
See you on the trail!



Christian Rickers

PS.  We have a filing deadline in just 5 days.  Contribute today!

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