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Peggy Frank Launches Her HoD 7th District Campaign.

by: KathyinBlacksburg

Tue Apr 28, 2009 at 17:15:18 PM EDT

[Update: This blog has been corrected to state that Peggy has previously served on the New River Corrections Board.  She is not currently on that board.  Kathy]

With the full roster of Montgomery County Democratic constitutional officers and Pulaski Commonwealth Attorney and Clerk of Court by her side, Peggy Frank today announced her candidacy for the 7th District House of Delegates seat currently held by Republican Dave Nutter.  The 7th includes portions of Montgomery and Pulaski counties and the City of Radford City.

As many of you already know, in her first race for public office, Peggy Frank came within just over 300 votes of taking the 7th Dist seat. This time, Frank intends to take her candidacy and her case for progress all the way to Richmond.

Currently Assistant Commonwealth attorney in Pulaski County, she has nearly 18 years (8 years in Montgomery County and 8 years in Pulaski County) experience as a prosecutor.  

KathyinBlacksburg :: Peggy Frank Launches Her HoD 7th District Campaign.
Franks also has an extensive background in community service, including serving as a Cub Scout Master, soccer coach, Girl Scout Leader, and member of the Pulaski Chamber of Commerce.  She has also served on the New River Valley Corrections Board as well.

Said Frank:

"We face tough times and tough times call for a tough delegate.  We have no time to waste.  This race will be defined by the current state of the economy int he United States and the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Unemployment is skyrocketing.  Many families are struggling to keep a roof over their head and food on the table.  Affordable health care continues to be a challenge.  Financial hardships exist for public safety, education and transportation.  As a prosecutor, attorney and former small business owner, I believe I can use my experience to bring workable solutions to Richmond."

Frank will work to end political polarization.  She seeks to emphasize support for workers, the current political "disrespect" of whom is "unacceptable."  And she made it clear that she intends to remind voters that Dave Nutter voted to reject $125 million in stimulus funds, which would have aided unemployed Virginians.  

Others attending included Montgomery County Supervisor John Muffo (D-Montgomery County District G) and Montgomery County Treasurer, Richard Shelton. Franks campaign manager is Joel Coon.

Steve Cochran welcomes crowd.

Sheriff Tommy Whitt introduces Peggy Frank.

Sharon Gilbert (Commissioner of the Revenue), Erica Williams (Clerk of Court), Tommy Whitt (Sheriff) and Peggy Frank.

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Great News all around
I have to say, given a choice, who wouldn't for a Frank woman over a Nutter guy? What an expressive name for the Repub: Nutty, Nutter, Nuttiest? What a great name for a Democrat: Honest, Frank, and Progressive. Wow.

Can someone explain to me
why candidates can pop up after the filing deadline has passed? Is this because no Democrat filed to run against Nutter, so now the party can appoint someone to fill the spot?

Primary vs. General
Johnny, the filing deadline for the June primary has long passed, but a political party - or an independent - can file a candidacy for the November general election as late as June 9.

In other words, we still have some time to locate candidates for several currently uncontested Republican seats...



[ Parent ]
Frank can win
In 2007, having observed and interacted with Peggy Frank on several occasions while supporting Dr. Mike Breiner for state senate and conducting my own re-election campaign, I know that Peggy is a very intelligent, dedicated, hard working and capable candidate for Virginia's House of Delegates.

I'm particularly pleased to learn that Joel Coon is her campaign manager, and I would call that a winning combination for this year.

Best of luck, Peggy!


Targeted District
This is one of the seats that we must win if we want to take over the House of Delegates.  If you're anywhere near the district or if you can take a trip there this summer to volunteer, please do what you can.

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