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No, Eric Cantor, the GOP Has Fanned the Flames (and It Should Stop)

by: KathyinBlacksburg

Thu Mar 25, 2010 at 15:22:00 PM EDT

The threats have come in by the dozens...  Congresspersons have been threatened and even received death threats.  Offices of congresspersons have been vandalized.  Thinking it was the home of Congressman Tom Parriello, vandals cut the gas line to his brother Bo Parriello's home.  Even now the threats against members of Congress continue.  

In thirty years, we have only had only 2 Democratic presidents.  And the GOP is so hysterical that its "imperial" reign is disrupted that it implodes, but not without taking out everything on Democrats.  It's vile rhetoric, not just in the health care debate, but across the board, is a huge part of the problem.  They have gone too far.  And they still do not get it.

KathyinBlacksburg :: No, Eric Cantor, the GOP Has Fanned the Flames (and It Should Stop)
In the video segments, Rachel Maddow unequivocally made the case for what's wrong.  

Perhaps the best article anywhere is the one over at TPM in which a conservative takes down his own fellow conservatives for their horrendous behavior here.  David Frum decried the GOP creating its own Waterloo before the events of the recent days unfolded.  It is not partisan to point out the very wrong direction that the GOP is headed.  It is a fact.

For days, the GOP leadership and Congressional caucus stood silent.  They did not apologize when civil rights hero US Rep. John Lewis was spit upon.  They did not apologize when US Rep. Barney Frank was called a vile name.  Nor did they apologize when the N-word was hurled at a US Congressman.  Although Boehner and Cantor didn't say those words, they did whip up their wingnuts into a frenzy.  No justification or blame-shifting is acceptable. Things are way, way got out of control. More and more it looks like the GOP wanted it that way.  Its members in Congress have appeared at Tea party events making the most scurrilous and inflammatory of false claims of "killing grandma" and more.  And just last weekend, other Republican Congresspersons egged TeaParty folks on from the balcony of the Capitol. They even waved a Tea Party sign. A GOP congressperson talked about Speaker Pelosi facing a "firing line."  Glenn Beck said Democrats are essentially trying to get people to kill them.  

Our own AG in Virginia is a TeaParty guy.  He did condemn the violence.  But with his tenther and birther fabrications, he is still part of the problem. In using such devices he tries to create an aura of illegitimacy surrounding the President.  And it is no accident that the wing nuts think they can take matters into their own hands. But the AG has "deniability" locked up.

When the GOP house leaders finally spoke up, they did not apologize for their part in creating this terrible climate.  They did not offer to ratchet down the rhetoric.  The best they could do was to say they did not condone the threats of violence.  And then they turned it on the victims.  The Democrats better not use this for "political advantage," Cantor warned.  US Rep. Tom Parriello is right.  Cantor's statement was outrageous. Now, Newt Gingrich has weighed in with the same outrageous nonsense.

Furthermore, Americans need to know what is going on.  They need to know how pitiful are the GOP leaders' "efforts" to make things right again.  Most of all, what this country does not need is more intemperate warnings from the likes of Eric Cantor and John Boehner.  

Boehner still has not owned up to his own part in this--and there is a part for him to own up to.  His performance this entire year has been one outrageous hysterical pronouncement after another.  This past weekend, he said that a Democratic Congressman from OH, from an adjacent district to his is a "dead man."  He's claimed that the health care bill is "Armageddon."  And then he acts as if it's those other guys who are responsible for what has been unleashed.

John Boehner, I blame you.  You did this. You did not make the overt threats yourself.  But you helped create the conditions for such things to happen.  It is not politics to point this out.

This is time to stop the unbelievable, immoral affront to your country.  It is time for you to step down, sir.  Eric Cantor, ditto.  The same goes for RNC Chairman Michael Steele.  John McCain, who declared that he is doing no more cooperating or work in the Senate, should resign.  The time has come for Democrats, Independents and the Republican rank-and-file at home to demand a better way.

Say no to Michelle Bauchman who tells her compatriots to arm themselves and foment revolution.  Say no to Sarah Palin who tells her followers to "reload" and shows US Senators states she wants to target in the crosshairs.  Say no to Chuck Grassley who falsely fanned the myth of death panels (and then claimed credit for part of the hc bill he voted against).  Say no to The notorious and growing menace that is Glenn Beck.  Say no to the cruelty and bullying of of Rush Limbaugh.  Renounce character assassination.  Renounce spreading pretty  much nothing but lies and half truths about anything Democrats do. Say no to the long laundry list of Republican US Congresspersons making inflammatory statements on the floor of the House,  at Tea Party events, and at town halls.  

The GOP leadership, and individual congresspersons have spread so many falsehoods about President Obama, Democrats in Congress, and progressives in general, that they are in a poor position to condemn DNC Chair Tim Kaine's email deploring the dangerous climate and trying to unify Democrats in the face of this unbelievably hostile climate. Until Boehner and Cantor figure this out, they are lost. So, too is the GOP.  The trouble is, in the meantime, the way they behave dishonors and harms all Americans.  

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